SIGG Asks For Gift Certificate Code, Charges Debit Card Anyway

Four months in, customers are still experiencing problems with SIGG USA’s metal bottle replacement program. Amy writes that her purchase required her to input billing information, even though she had gift certificate code, her debit card was charged, and she has been unable to reach SIGG to obtain a refund.

Hello, I was a SIGG bottle holder who sent my bottles (3) to SIGG for their voluntary replacement program. I received my Gift Certificate PIN October 27.

A few days ago, I placed my order on using the Gift Certificate PIN as described in the letter. I immediately saw that shipping was free, however, it was still requiring my billing information (cc#, etc.). I entered that information, the order went through and I immediately sent an email to providing them with my order number and details asking they make certain I was not charged.

Well, as you can expect, I was charged and I have not received a reply to my email. The charge went from pending, to processed, with my bank yesterday.

Have you received information from other consumers with a similar experience? Do you have any suggestion on actions I should take? I have tried finding executive email address to no avail. I am considering calling my bank and disputing the charge, but not sure how much success I’ll have in this situation.

SIGG CEO Steve Wasik’s office can be reached at, or Do any other bottle exchange veterans have advice for her?

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  1. Gnort says:

    People still do business with SIGG?! I was an extremely loyal customer of SIGG for over 11 years, since I needed a light and durable bottle for my outdoor adventures.

    When I learned of their clever hiding of the fact that they did in fact have BPA in their liners, I made a permanent decision that I didn’t want to do business with a company like that.

    • Gnort says:

      Sorry…I wasn’t very clear. I realize people are just going for a free replacement bottle…but even that level of dealing with SIGG still is out of bounds for me. They have lost me as a customer, to ask them for a actual BPA free replacement bottle still seems to be validating them in a way.

  2. pgh9fan says:

    I say OP waits until her replacements arrive and then she initiates a chargeback.

  3. CTAUGUST says:

    I must again ask why people are continuing to use DEBIT CARDS for online purchases like this? The OP should not have been charged, but had a credit card been used, her money would not have been put at risk and a chargeback could have been done must faster.

    Can we not agree to advise everyone to stop using debit cards for online purchases?

    • ariven says:

      Not everyone has a credit card. I know I know, horrid thought trying to buy stuff online without a credit card. :)

      I don’t have one for example, and quite honestly though, in general if I don’t have the money in hand to buy it, I don’t need it.

    • Red Cat Linux says:

      I must again ask why people are continuing to use DEBIT CARDS for online purchases like this?

      Because my bank’s debit Visa is still treated as a Visa for the purposes of fraud and chargebacks, among other things. I’m sure as banks go, YMMV, but not all debit cards are trash.

      My favorite payment method is a Visa debit tied exclusively to an account into which I transfer enough money for the transaction. If PayPal gets hinkey, or someone snags the number, they get nothing. I have done two chargebacks, for purchases on the card – both successful, over the last five years of using the system, and I would not shop in some places any other way.

    • enthreeoh says:

      I use a debit card because I can’t get a credit card.

    • AK47 - Now with longer screen name! says:

      Nope, definitely can’t agree.

      I have a Visa debit card and have done a chargeback that was way easier than the chargeback I had to do with my old Visa credit card. I believe both Visa and MasterCard branded debit cards carry the same protection as their credit cards. The biggest difference is that the money may come out of your checking account for a few days with a debit card.

      I’m not a fan of credit cards – – and their actions of late seem to indicate that they’re not a fan of customers, either – – and I would recommend people switch to debit cards (branded ones, anyway, that offer customer protection). But both card types have advantages and drawbacks.

      So you have reasons to hate on debit cards, and I have reasons to hate on credit cards, and frankly, we’re both right. :)

  4. Starrion says:

    So they sell products that don’t have harmful chemicals in them (but really do), then when they get caught, the offer free replacements (that they charge you for).

    My God. It’s like the Government started a water bottle company.

  5. Strausy says:

    Mandatory statement about them: SIGG USA customer service is absolutely horrible.

    Advice: I had to contact their parent company in Switzerland just to get them to respond to 10 different requests for service which included emails, voicemails, and a registered letter. I called the number on their website: +41 (0)52 728 63 30 and asked to speak with the person responsible for poor customer service in the United States. Yes the phone call cost me some money, but I wasn’t about to let them send me a brand new “pre-dented” water bottle and never respond to my issue.

  6. gamehendge2000 says:

    I too pulled my short hairs out trying to get a response after I sent my bpa bottles back in the exchange program. Many emails, many phone calls with no luck.

    I finally sent in some faxes on the premise that emails and voicemails were a little easier to ignore than a physical piece of paper. I got a personal return phone call the next day and my exchange coupon code. Fax number is on their web site.

    Even though I got my bottles exchanged, I still won’t be buying any Sigg in the future, much more so from this warranty exchange clusterfark than from the bpa issue.

  7. ShikhaCadimillac says:

    Here is the email I received from SIGG on November 11th, 2009 regarding their “Voluntary Exchange Program.”

    Dear [My Name],

    Thank you for participating in the SIGG Voluntary Exchange Program. The SIGG Voluntary Exchange Program officially ended on October 31st.

    We are aware that you may not have used your exchange code yet and we want to let you know that this code will remain valid through November 30, 2009. Please log on to and select your replacement bottles as soon as possible.

    If you do not use your code to select a replacement by Nov. 30th, your code will become invalid and SIGG will use its discretion to send replacements to you based on what is available. Please ignore this message if you have already placed your replacement order and have received a 6-digit order number.

    We hope you enjoy your new SIGG bottles this holiday season and beyond.

    Most Sincerely,

    SIGG Customer Service


    I didn’t get my replacement either. The selection of bottles on their website was absolutely horrible toward the end of the exchange program and these were the only bottles you could choose from.

    It was my fault for not getting a replacement in time, but I kept waiting for the selection to improve and waited myself right out of $20.

  8. dtc says:

    UPS delivered my 3 bottles on 9/10/2009 – I haven’t heard a peep from them. All of my e-mails to them get returned with form letters.

  9. thisistobehelpful says:

    You know… there’s uranium in my water. URANIUM. So at least I’m not worried about BPA. I’ll be even less worried when I grow a tenticle.

    Next time if you get a “free” offer and it asks you to enter billing info beyond your address to provide the “free” offer, stop there and call then BEFORE the info is entered. I hope you get your money back.

  10. hhole says:

    SIGG sucks the gas pipe.

    3 bottles, sent in the beginning of September via certified mail and now we head into 2010 with Nada.

    Apparently, all people that get fired from Comcast and Verizon are immediately hired to the Customer Service department at SIGG.