NYC Anti-Soda Commercial Shows Man Drinking Tall Glass Of Fat

No. You do not want to watch this video. Just promise the New York City Department of Health people that you won’t drink sugary soda so much. Then we’ll all be healthier, happier people, and nobody has to watch this video. (Video is embedded below.)

I warned you.

“Drinking Fat” [YouTube]


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  1. blogger X says:

    Dear GOD I hope the fat was CG! Looking at the still image alone resulted in me working through lunch. Thanks guys!

    • Hyman Decent says:

      A local newscast here in NYC said it was a fat lookalike concocted in a kitchen.

    • Hyman Decent says:

      And before anyone complains that this is a gross misuse of the taxpayers’ money, they also said the $50K production budget was funded by a donation.

      • blogger X says:

        How could it be a misuse of taxpayers’ money? I applaud them for making this; even though I won’t be eating for lunch!

        • Hyman Decent says:

          Sorry, I meant to direct that comment to everyone, not you in particular. I guess I should’ve posted it as a reply to my earlier comment.

        • pz says:

          It doesn’t matter what it’s for — for the past year or so, certain groups of people have made it their life’s work to criticize everything and anything the government spends tax money for.

          It doesn’t matter if it’s for keeping you thin with an instructional video, or saving kittens from meat grinders by regulating kitten-proof guards on meat grinders. They’ll still bitch about it.

      • trentblase says:

        A donation by the nefarious milk and seltzer lobby??

  2. chipslave says:

    Reminds me of the Friends episode where Chandler was going to drink the fat… :)

  3. Sonicslasher says:

    God damn! Now I’m hungry for some gravy. :D

  4. Esquire99 says:

    I guess when textually pointing out the health consequences of drinking copious amounts of soda doesn’t work, going for scare tactics is the next reasonable approach. That said, I think it just might work. It certainly got me thinking.

  5. dragonfire81 says:

    I don’t know about all of you, but I want to live in a country and state where I can drink whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want regardless of what the possible repercussions might be. If I want to rot my teeth with HFCS that should be my CHOICE and no government should have a right to mandate what I can and cannot eat or drink. That is just insane. I realize this ad isn’t referencing a government mandate, but I think it’s wrong. Whose business is it if we choose to drink sodas or not?

    • Noir says:

      fine, but when your fat ass uses 3 seats in the metro and your lard spills over my notebook in a plane then it’s not your problem only. People can be as fat as they want, but don’t ask to be “understood” when you can’t find clothes or stuff like that.

      • coren says:

        Just because someone drinks soda doesn’t make them morbidly obese. Hell, I go through probably 2 2 liter bottles a week and I’m practically underweight.

        • Mecharine says:

          I don’t see how this isn’t a criticism. They’re pointing out that people who drink soda are essentially drinking empty calories which lead to weight gain.

          What is your definition of criticism?

          • Coelacanth says:

            Yes, they pretty much are empty calories. However, you’re free to make that choice. It’s just peopel shouldn’t feel surprised when – oh my gosh! – they’re piling on pounds if their lifestyle / metabolism isn’t active enough to burn off the additional intake.

            If soda’s / weight’s a problem for somebody, this might allow them to reconsider. If a person’s otherwise healthy, then those people aren’t the ad’s target audience.

            • floraposte says:

              It’s not that simple, because there’s more to health than weight, and most people still aren’t getting glucose tolerance tests so they have no idea how they’re responding.

    • TerpBE says:

      So you want to have a choice in what to drink, but don’t want others to have a choice to criticize you for it?

    • Hyman Decent says:

      First they came for the cigarettes, and I did not speak out—because I did not smoke…

    • Esquire99 says:

      I too would vehemently oppose any mandate or ban of sugary drinks, but I think an ad making people aware is a far cry from that. I have no problem with these kinds of ads, as I do think that educating the citizenry is an important function of government. Presumably, the government isn’t conflicted and can offer neutral advice as to the health consequences of ingesting certain foods. There is a large portion of the population who has no idea how bad some of this stuff is for you (though a large portion of that segment doesn’t care, either) and I don’ think the govt. is out of line in trying to educate those people. However, as I said above, they have no business mandating what people cannot eat or drink (drugs/alcohol excepted, but that’s a different discussion).

    • ander_bobo says:

      I think this is more of an informative campaign than prohibitive. Many people are unaware of the health consequences of drinking large amounts of soda. Liquid calories affect our weight just as much as food-based calories so I think to point that out to people may be a wake up call for many. I’m sure 99.9% of the people here know the “dangers” soda can do to one’s overall health, but for a surprisingly large number of people this may come as a surprise.

      • varro says:

        Might as well have a hawt model making a choice between a burger and a Big Gulp-sized pop – and taking the burger because it’s lower in calories.

    • halothane says:

      I know a lot of people who are aware of the fact that soda has calories but don’t really make the connection that beverage = weight gain. I don’t see the harm in pointing that out to them. It’s not unheard of to see people drinking what’s the equivalent of 4 cans of soda a day. That’s 600 calories. They would be consuming LESS calories if they ate a Big Mac (560 cals) every day.

      It’s not just soda, either. People think they’re doing themselves a favor drinking juice or iced tea, but they’re also sugar bombs. Considering the problem we have with obesity and whatnot, I don’t see an issue with these ads. Like you said, they’re not trying to outlaw soda, just point out that hey, it can make you gain weight.

      • Kitamura says:

        Well, assuming they’re drinking the iced team put out by pop companies. Real Iced Tea is just brewed tea served cold with ice and a slice of lemon, and if you’re used to sugar drink, it’s going to taste terrible since it won’t be sweet at all.

        • Hyman Decent says:

          +1 for unsweetened iced tea

        • jamar0303 says:

          Says you. Quite a few states would beg to differ as to the definition of “real iced tea”. After living in Tennessee for a few years sweet tea=”real”, unsweet tea=”Chinese” (because most people in China think like you do, though a critical difference is that they try to make up for it by brewing theirs with things like jasmine and chrysanthemum). Still sticks with me after living in China for 5 years.

        • Etoiles says:

          Yeah, I drink brewed iced tea with about a half-packet of Splenda in a glass… my husband’s from North Carolina, and drinks sweet tea so syrupy that I think my teeth hurt looking at it.

        • LandShark says:

          +2 for unsweetened tea period. I drink at least 4-5 cups of hot tea every day. It keeps my brain clear. If I’m going to blow calories on a beverage, it had better have alcohol in it.

    • seanhcalgary says:

      “I don’t know about all of you, but I want to live in a country and state where I can drink whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want regardless of what the possible repercussions might be.”

      You’re right! Drinking and driving for all! Drink before work, and drink at work. Not no one no where has the right to tell you otherwise!

      Christ, the ad is informational. It’s not telling you that you can’t do something, it’s just showing you exactly what you’re doing.

      • Dyscord says:

        I find it funny that apparently drinking soda is BAD. But how many anti-beer commercials do you see on TV? Not anti drunk driving, just anti beer period.

        • Kryndar says:

          Heh, good point. What I always hate about stuff like this is that people will often list fruit juice as a healthy alternative. Sure in small amounts it is good, but it has a crazy amount of sugar.

      • coren says:

        Oh hey look it’s hyperbole!

        Keep in mind that they said drink and eat what they want regardless of the repercussions. One of those is that you can’t legally drive anymore – no one here is advocating for the ability to drunk drive.

    • chrialg6 is a happy effing cupcake says:

      I agree! But I also agree that those choices should be educated choices. This is educating the public, and especially our children. Now you have more knowledge with which to make your choice. Go you!

    • chocobo says:

      No one wants to take away your freedom to drink whatever you want to drink.

      However, the rest of us have the freedom to encourage people not to drink unhealthy things, and the government has the freedom to pass taxes on unhealthy things (given support by the people).

      • Xeos says:

        Constitutionally the government does not have that right, unfortunately they do so anyway. The last thing we need is more taxes and larger government.

        • parkj238 says:

          With Obesity as a health epidemic, I think the government should do PSA’s to encourage healthy lifestyles. We’re bombarded by ads from the private sector, doing what they will to make money off of diets or selling delicious food. PSA’s would do well to counter that a bit.

    • dolemite says:

      I agree 100%. The government has no business telling me what I can and can’t consume. They have a right to educate consumers about calories, nutritional content, all they want, but they don’t need to be in the business of restricting anyone.

      • RogerTheAlien says:

        A. They’re NOT telling you that you cannot drink soda. They’re reminding you of how bad for you it is.

        B. If/When we get socialized health care, then it will be in the gov’t’s AND your best interests to keep people healthy. Weight-related ilnesses, something we CAN control, unlike most cancers, would just add to taxes required to support socialized medicine. People bitch about it now and say “hands-off, whine, whine, whine,” but the long-term effects from it could be very beneficial to everyone, and not just for their health, but for the nation monetarily.

    • yungjerry703 says:

      i agree! legalize drugs. it will take the wind out of organized crime. i want coke in my coke and pot with my bob Marley.

  6. Dyscord says:

    Ugh. I don’t know about you guys, but YouTube’s preview image of that video has him right in the middle of gulping it down.

    At any rate, this is stupid. Most soda hardly has any fat in the first place, so the analogy is lost.

    • Hyman Decent says:

      The point is, any calories that you take in but don’t burn off gets turned into fat by your body.

      • Dyscord says:

        And some fat is actually a good thing. Perhaps if they said that if you don’t exercise, you might as well be drinking fat that would be a different story. They might actually say that. I don’t know. I refuse to watch the video.

        However there’s nowhere near enough calories in a glass of soda to equal that much fat when converted.

        Apparently the point of this ad is to disgust people enough so that they won’t drink soda.

        • Coelacanth says:

          Sure… one glass of soda’s not going to be the same as drinking an entire glass of lard, but over time, it can certainly add up.

    • apd09 says:

      Not too mention the sugar that your body will store.

    • SyntaxError says:

      Sugar, and carbs in general, turn to fat in the body if they aren’t burned up right away.

  7. AllanG54 says:

    Wait…let me go dig out my Bass-O-Matic…I’m in the mood for some good bass.

  8. ander_bobo says:

    I’m glad campaigns like this are popping up. People take for granted the knowledge that “soda is bad for you” but there is a surprisingly large number of people who really have no concept of nutritional basics (ie. liquid calories), so something like this will hopefully make people more aware of what they are putting into their bodies, and then make a more informed choice.

    • magic8ball says:

      I once had a boss who genuinely believed you could not gain weight/get fat from drinking soda, because “there’s no fat in it.”

  9. Naame says:

    One word….moderation.

    It really isn’t that hard folks.

  10. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    Wow, NYC is getting classy. I thought they would parade around the guy with the hole in his neck or the lady with no toes.

    Why did the Naked Cowboy have to drop out of the race?

  11. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    First, that guy’s mullet is something awful. Second, can someone edit that video and replace the glass of lard with a kitty? That would be better.

  12. gwells says:

    perhaps if something like coke classic had actual fat in its content, this would seem less disingenuous…

    12oz fountain coke classic:
    calories: 110
    fat from calories: 0
    total fat: 0

    • Coelacanth says:

      Except for the fact that causing a sudden spike in blood sugar causes more insulin production, which encourages that sugar to be converted and stored as fat.

      • ShadowFalls says:

        The issue is with the HFCS content. It causes your insulin to not be released in a proper amount thus making it get stored as fat. There is less of an issue with this and actual sugar.

  13. Sure I could agree with you, but then we'd BOTH be wrong. says:

    Is he about to eat that cat next, as an encore?

  14. props_nyc says:

    the worst is the ads in the subway that do a similar thing with sports drinks. as someone that rarelydrinks soda I’m extremely annoyed that I am forced to stare at this during my morning commute.

    its pretty intrusive and in very poor taste.

    • kateblack says:

      Ditto this. It’s nauseating to have to sit or stand across from one of those ads. That’s valid whether someone drinks soda or not.

  15. trentblase says:

    A 12 oz can of olive oil would have almost 3000 calories. A more accurate analogy would be for them to show the guy drinking a tablespoon of fat.

  16. dbirney says:

    Wow you guys totally suck. I totally did not want to see the video but I was curious about what people said about the video. Of course you get the money shot right off in the embedded player without it even playing. YUCK.

  17. PanCake BuTT says:

    Props_nyc, beat me to it…but I feel that the ads in the subway are the absolute worst. If I was hefty individual, I would be super self conscious of myself to know that there is layers upon layers of lipids such as those, housing my body. Super filthy, gross!

  18. coren says:

    “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins”

  19. dolemite says:

    Very misleading ad by the government. You could drink several sodas a day and have absolutely no negative health effects at all. Not even tooth decay. This is where they run into problems when trying to tell citizens what they can and can’t consume. Cigs are an easy target, because they have no redeeming qualities at all. Your body gains nothing from smoking, besides a “fix”. McDonalds, Soda, cookies…etc….you do gain sustenance from them. The problem occurs when you take in more calories than you expend.

    • floraposte says:

      Science isn’t backing you on this one.

      (It’s not simply saying that soda is evil either, of course.)

  20. fpage77 says:

    For the love of god don’t watch it in HD.

  21. PsiCop says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the “Food Nannies.”

  22. your new nemesis says:
  23. rjhiggins says:

    Sorry, but soda is one of the prime factors contributing to the obesity epidemic in our society. Obesity directly affects health-care costs, which directly costs me money. So don’t try to tell me this is your individual choice and there is no public interest.

    It’s the government’s job to educate the public about making health choices that directly affect all of us.

    • LadyTL says:

      Wow, you hit the two biggest propaganga statements in one post. First off, soda when combined with exercise or moderation or both, will not lead to obesity. Second the obesity you are referencing is rarely seen but is often talked about due to the use of the BMI index which is wildly inaccurate since it cannot accomodate any other factors that do apply to weight and health. Third, alot of people spout off about how obesity raises their health care costs but you know what it doesn’t. You want to know why? Because people rarely go to the emergency room for obesity and that is where people’s care gets comped when they get very hurt or sick and go and then can’t afford to pay because they can’t afford or get health insurance.

      • dolemite says:

        That’s pretty much true, as far as insurance cost. Now, your TAXES might be higher because of obese people, because the lower a person’s income, the higher the chances are that they are obese. And the lower the income, the less chance they have health insurance, so your local government will be picking up their healthcare tab.

  24. topcad says:

    I just told myself that it was yogurt…mmmm delicious vanilla yogurt with maybe some chunky orange juice tossed in for fun.

  25. P_Smith says:

    That reminds me of Chris Elliot drinking two entire bottles of vegetable oil on David Letterman’s show to see which tasted better.

  26. Xeos says:

    Blatant mis-information. This assumes your 1 soda a day is tacked onto the END of your daily caloric intake, creating an excess in calories per day. It’s very easy to take those calories into account during your day, so you burn them off with the rest of your intake.

  27. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    LOL. Awesome!

  28. DerangedHermit says:

    At least this isn’t Throat-hole Guy or the “squeezing an aorta like Go-Gurt.”

  29. SaraFimm says:

    LOL!!! That really didn’t look like FAT to me!! It reminded me more of a peach, cherry and banana drink that wasn’t blended very well.

    Now if it was even “chunkier” and it showed him adding the beef fat, lard or bacon to a glass with no cut away, THEN I’d be sick.

    I get the message, but I don’t think it went far enough for realism. Yeah, I’m pretty gross, but I’ve seen way too much “behind the scenes” stuff to see THIS “ad” as realistic.

  30. Chinchillazilla says:

    All this did was remind me that I didn’t have a Coke today. The perfect thing to wash that visual away!

    • yevarechecha says:

      Haha, I’m actually drinking a Coke right now. The video was gross, but I’m finishing the bottle.

      As an underweight person, I’m not terribly worried about getting fat from soda, but maybe they should put on an ad showing your teeth and bones dissolving. That’s gotten me to cut back more than anything.

  31. H3ion says:

    When is the Coca Cola Company coming out with Diet Fat?

    Anyone else have the urge to make soap?

  32. Chargeback says:

    The shock and awe setup for a refreshed attack on your civil liberties. Soda is really easy to pick on for the granola crunchy types, but look at the caloric content of some coffee house drink products. 150 calories for a Coca Cola classic does not look so bad.

    But what do I know, I only minored in nutrition not marketing.

  33. thisistobehelpful says:

    They showed this damn clip like 14 times on Good Day NY this morning. If that weatherman wasn’t so cute I’d set the place on fire for that.

  34. Thora says:

    I’m so sick of this kind of scare-tactic BS. One can of soda a day will NOT make you 10 pounds fatter unless you get absolutely ZERO exercise & have NO metabolism.

    I dream of a world where pushy hippies keep their opinions to themselves, and I’m not made to feel guilty for having a Dr. Pepper once or twice a day. Newsflash- people have been eating sugar for hundreds of years! And the only reason we’re all getting fat now is cause we’re LAZY. We could eat whatever the hell we wanted if we still worked the fields & did housework all day long.

  35. ojsamson says:

    The health busybodies love this. They won’t be happy until everyone’s eating vegetarian, or wild rice, or granola, or whatever each individual wacko’s ideal diet happens to be. Guess what – Jim Fixx dropped dead at 53, and I, a 61-year-old kidney transplant recipient on immunosuppressants for 25 years, pack & a-half smoker, sugar and fat consumer, was up and down the ladder all November re-roofing my house.

    Don’t be concerned that they paid for this ridiculous ad with your tax dollars. It’s an investment for the government. They’re brainwashing you, priming you into accepting the white sugar health tax, soon to be followed by the red meat health tax, then the coffee health tax, and so on and so on. It’s all a scam to raise revenues in any way possible with the least political backlash.

  36. OnePumpChump says:

    Low fat milk has more calories than soda. Skim milk has barely less calories than soda. They have more nutritional value other than that, but still.