Netflix Offers Ex-Customer Disappearing Free Trial

Dana used to be a Netflix subscriber, and they want her back. To entice her back, they sent her an e-mail offering a free trial. She decided to try it out…but Netflix wouldn’t let her. Because, according to their system, she is an existing Netflix customer. Who received an email addressing her as a former customer.

She writes:


So I received this email from netflix. I wasn’t able to view their instant movies on TV last time I was a member (in 2007). So, I decide to give the trial a shot and see how the instant movies on TV works. I click through to their website, click on rejoin, and am asked to update my billing information. My credit card has expired, and since the free trial automatically renews at the end of the trial period, they need my new credit card information before I can sign up for the trial. This is understandable, and so I update my address and provide them with another credit card’s information. Once I do I’m told I do NOT qualify for a free trial as I am an existing customer. Even though it specifically says below and on their website that this is for new customers and certain former members. I believe this email was a scam to get updated credit card information from me… the intent was never to offer a free trial. Shady business from Netflix!

The credit card harvesting theory is suspect, since either she authorized Netflix to charge her card, or she didn’t.

The e-mail’s fine print reads, “Free Trial offer available to first time and certain former members of the Netflix service …” But if the “certain former members” category doesn’t include Dana, why contact her in the first place? A call to customer service may be required here.

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