Hey, You Look Different!

Something looks different about you. No, don’t tell me, I can figure it out. New glasses, right? No? Haircut? You lost weight? You’re pregnant? Wait, hang on. You redesigned your site? No way! Wait. Really?

Yes, we’ve redesigned the site. We’ve also moved to a brand new home, and we’re still unpacking, so it may take a little while to find everything. But we’re pretty sure everything’s here, or at least it will be once we tip the movers and they agree to unload the truck.

That includes commenting. If you’re a regular commenter, and you have an email address associated with your account, you should be getting an email very soon with instructions about how to log in and reset your password. It’s coming. Really. In the meantime, how about helping us with some of these boxes? That one over there looks like it’s filled with odd-looking t-shirts from Walmart.

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