Keep These Numbers Handy If You're Cooking A Turkey

Are you cooking a turkey, but are not accustomed to baking and carving entire animals? You’re not alone, and there are hotlines full of helpful and knowledgeable people ready to help you with any and all poultry crises. Or other food safety issues.

There’s also an app for that–the interactive Turkey Timer iPhone application is on sale for $1.99 today (regular price $2.99). It reminds you when to baste, tells you how long until the turkey is cooked, and even estimates the internal temperature of your bird. (Warning: do not insert iPhone inside turkey.)

The most famous Thanksgiving hotline is the one set up by Butterball, but courtesy of Consumer Reports, here are some others you may not be aware of:

American Association of Poison Control Centers

U.S. Department of Agriculture
888-674-6854 (8 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST Thanksgiving Day)
(a virtual representative that answers food-safety questions)

Butterball Turkey hotline

Finally, I leave you with one of the greatest scenes from “The West Wing.” Where the sitting President of the United States calls the Butterball hotline.

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(Photo: Photos o’ Randomness)

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