Sushi "Tuna" Might Be Endangered, Dangerous, Or Fake

Biologists testing DNA code identification technology discovered that the tuna they ordered at sushi restaurants was actually hazardous or fake fish, or even an endangered species.

According to Wired, the biologists visited 31 restaurants in Denver and Manhattan to evaluate technology that analyzes the DNA code of fish, and upload the info to a fish database called FISH-BOL.

Instead of tuna, they got escloar, a fish that causes “bizarre episodes of diarrhea, accompanied by a waxy intestinal discharge.” Other restaurants misrepresented what fish they were serving, and a few even served endangered southern bluefin.

Sushi DNA Tests Reveal Fraud [Wired]
For the nerd-inclined, you can read their scientific report here.
(Photo: LC1331)

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