Eggo Shortage Story Sweeps Mainstream Media, Panic Spreads

After Consumerist first alerted the nation to the debilitating waffle shortage, the story has been making the rounds of nearly every media outlet in the country. Thanks to their hard work, we’ve learned some interesting new things about the shortage.

ABC News learned that while flood damage was the real reason for the extended closing of the waffle factory, the plant was originally shut down due to listeria contamination. It was while the plant was already closed for cleanup that the fateful flooding occurred.

“Kellogg voluntarily ceased production at the plant, began an investigation to determine a possible cause of contamination and began a regimen of cleaning and sanitizing,” the Georgia Department of Agriculture announced at the time. “Kellogg will execute its hygienic restoration plan under GDA before it resumes production at the plant.”

Kellogg spokeswoman Kris Charles said the plant was closed for both cleaning and as a result of the flooding.

“Just as the Atlanta facility was ready to resume production, excessive rain in the region caused flooding at the facility, which delayed the startup,” Charles wrote in an e-mail to ABC News today.

Stephen Colbert even called upon President Obama to open up the country’s Strategic Waffle Reserve. Check out the great mashup of H1N1 vaccine story footage and the waffle story.

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