Turn Your Perfectly Normal Jeans Into Stirrup Pants

Maybe the Mayans were right about this whole apocalypse thing. Stirrup pants have returned to haunt shoppers, appearing everywhere to terrify shoppers. But then we at Consumerist received an e-mail about a product intended to turn regular, innocent, civilized, non-stirrup pants into stirrup pants. Why? WHY?

The product, Jean Straps, even has a cute creation story.

Like many practical fashionistas, the Jean Straps founders struggled with a common problem: getting their boots and jeans to play well together. They had both invested in expensive pairs of boots and premium denim, but when it came to wearing those boots over the denim, it was a less than elegant process. Pulling the boots on presented a major challenge, with way too much tugging, yanking and tucking pant legs into socks. Even when they got the boots on, the jeans rode up throughout the day, leaving them with baggy knees.

Maybe I’m just bigoted against anything that resembles stirrup pants. I rarely wear jeans and don’t own any boots, so tell me, fashionable consumerists: is this a problem worth solving? Is it a problem worth creating something that resembles that abomination known as stirrup pants to solve?

Jean Straps [Official Site]

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