I love the ’80s

If everyone's home was more like this, maybe Brookstone wouldn't be thinking about bankruptcy...

Mall Mainstay Brookstone May Go Bankrupt Because You’re Not Buying Enough Massage Chairs & iPod Robots

Brookstone, better known as the store in the mall where you try out all those cool gadgets and massage chairs you’ll never buy, is reportedly considering filing for bankruptcy protection, but don’t expect any awesome liquidation sales in the foreseeable future. [More]

It's a cereal. Wow!

Nintendo Cereal System Is Part Of Your Super Nutritious Breakfast

Last week’s launch of the PlayStation 4 wasn’t all that exciting. It was missing something… some would say a look at the actual PS4. But Sony should consider adding what every good game console needs: a branded breakfast cereal. They should take as a model this 1989 commercial for Nintendo cereal from Ralston-Purina. [More]

Police Raid Spencer Gifts, Confiscate 'Sex-Related'

Police Raid Spencer Gifts, Confiscate 'Sex-Related' Products

We hadn’t been in a Spencer Gifts (aka Spencer’s) since Color Me Badd was lighting up the charts, but our memories of the mall-based stores are of goofy bachelor party gag gifts and posters of bikini-clad women. The authorities in Rapid City, SD, believe the store is an unlicensed “adult-oriented business” and on Monday the police seized boxes containing around 2,000 “sex-related” products. [More]

Turn Your Perfectly Normal Jeans Into Stirrup Pants

Turn Your Perfectly Normal Jeans Into Stirrup Pants

Maybe the Mayans were right about this whole apocalypse thing. Stirrup pants have returned to haunt shoppers, appearing everywhere to terrify shoppers. But then we at Consumerist received an e-mail about a product intended to turn regular, innocent, civilized, non-stirrup pants into stirrup pants. Why? WHY?