College Student Claims iPhone Caught Fire In Pocket During Class

As ways to get out of class go, this is an impressive one: a college student in New Jersey says that he was just sitting in class, not charging or even using his iPhone 6 Plus, when the device overheated and caught his pants on fire. Maybe all of the news about exploding Samsung products has caused iPhones to feel a little bit left out.

The student says that he was sitting in class with the phone in his jeans pocket, when he noticed sudden heat on his, um, leg.

“I flinched upwards because it was burning my leg,” he told WCBS, “As I flinched up, I noticed it was smoking and I threw the phone on the ground and it lit up into flames.”

He stomped out the flames, and the phone did not survive the ordeal. The college evacuated the classroom where this happened, he says, and he wasn’t injured. Just his jeans and the phone.




While recalled and overheating Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have dominated the news, there have been sporadic reports of overheating iPhones since the new model of that device was released.

‘It Lit Up Into Flames:’ New Jersey College Student Claims iPhone Spontaneously Caught Fire [CBS]

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