Turn Your Perfectly Normal Jeans Into Stirrup Pants

Maybe the Mayans were right about this whole apocalypse thing. Stirrup pants have returned to haunt shoppers, appearing everywhere to terrify shoppers. But then we at Consumerist received an e-mail about a product intended to turn regular, innocent, civilized, non-stirrup pants into stirrup pants. Why? WHY?

The product, Jean Straps, even has a cute creation story.

Like many practical fashionistas, the Jean Straps founders struggled with a common problem: getting their boots and jeans to play well together. They had both invested in expensive pairs of boots and premium denim, but when it came to wearing those boots over the denim, it was a less than elegant process. Pulling the boots on presented a major challenge, with way too much tugging, yanking and tucking pant legs into socks. Even when they got the boots on, the jeans rode up throughout the day, leaving them with baggy knees.

Maybe I’m just bigoted against anything that resembles stirrup pants. I rarely wear jeans and don’t own any boots, so tell me, fashionable consumerists: is this a problem worth solving? Is it a problem worth creating something that resembles that abomination known as stirrup pants to solve?

Jean Straps [Official Site]


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  1. HRGirl wants a cookie says:

    These are the dorkiest things i’ve seen in a long while and i desperately want a pair. Over-the-knee boots are IN for fall and i’d take these over jeans stuffed in socks any day.

  2. Niphil says:

    If they’re in the shoes, where no one can see them, who cares? I don’t wear skinny jeans, and I could use these with some of my nice boots.

    Also, very very few people should ever wear skinny jeans.

  3. laurenface says:

    Stiruppz, another company, makes the same sort of product and sells it for $15 more: [stiruppz.com]

    I actually think the concept is brilliant, especially as someone brand new to wearing boots with too much hip to pull off skinny jeans. However, I think $25, and even $10, are too much to pay for the convenience. Instead, I ordered a pair of jodhpur clips (an equestrian accessory) from amazon for less than $3. No one can see what you are wearing inside your boot, or that you are wearing anything at all for that matter.

  4. ArcanaJ says:

    “Is it a problem worth creating something that resembles that abomination known as stirrup pants to solve?”

    First of all, they didn’t create those things. Those “stirrup” things are available in any fabric store for about three bucks. They’re used for many purposes.

    The real crime here is the price that website is charging.

  5. jezebelseven says:

    I was actually looking to pick up something like these this weekend to tuck my jeans inside my ugg cardy boots. I figured I would check the craft store and worst case make my own. Even tucking my jeans in my socks doesn’t work with my cardy boots, hopefully the stirrups will!

  6. nbs2 says:

    The only person wearing stirrups should be a baseball player. And for them, it should be mandatory.

  7. veg-o-matic says:

    Or.. buy a pair of 80’s-certified strong mitten clips at your local Goodwill for like 1/10th the price and none of the smarmy fashion ‘tude.

  8. Sham03 says:

    Those look just like bed sheet straps:


  9. forzan says:

    “Stirrup pants have returned to haunt shoppers, appearing everywhere to terrify shoppers”

    I’m searching and looking for a word, something like redundant.

  10. rockasocky says:

    Stirrup tights with high heels are in, in Tokyo. At least these stirrups a) aren’t visible and b) serve a purpose.

  11. annalee says:

    You know what they say about if you can’t beat ’em, … At least there is a product that keeps your jeans nicely tucked in AND is an adorable fashion accessory – JeanGrabbers! (Who doesn’t want to look good with boots on AND off??) They have darling designs to choose from, elastic strap is silky soft, and the clips have different metallic finishes (including copper!) with have a most adorable little boot embossed on each. Check them out, see what you think – http://www.jeangrabbers.com. (Special price for a 3-unit bundle makes then the perfect for stocking stuffers!)

  12. jquinn says:

    Elements of the 80’s are back and have been for a while, but Jean Straps are so much more about function. It doesn’t mean that stirrup pants are back in style, it just means that you can make your own stirrups jeans and no one even has to know!