Chicago Judges Not Impressed By Laser Gun Speeding Tickets

Good news if you live in Chicago and enjoy driving too fast: traffic court judges in Cook County are throwing out speeding tickets issued by laser gun-wielding cops because the LIDAR technology is apparently not “scientifically reliable.”

Because there is no state law specifically stating that laser guns are scientifically reliable, a costly and time-intensive hearing is required whenever a defendant challenges the technology.

Not all judges are throwing the tickets out, but as the article points out, defendants who admit and pay their fine by mail can’t get in on the confusion and incompetence.

Although speeding is dangerous and breaking the law is wrong, this must be some nice schadenfreude for residents of a city that tried to make its residents pay 28 quarters for two hours of parking.

Use of Laser Guns to Catch Speeders Is Questioned [Chicago Tribune]
(Photo: Extra Ketchup)

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