Selling Alarm Systems After Murders: Helpful Or Opportunist?

About a month ago, a mother and daughter were chosen at random and brutally attacked in their home in small-town New Hampshire. The daughter survived, but the mother did not. And within days of this tragedy, ADT sales reps began going door-to-door to sell alarm systems.

Deputy Fire Chief Sean Mamone said he was also disgusted by the tactics being employed by some alarm company salespeople. Mamone said that Wednesday, just hours before the town was set to host a vigil on behalf of the Cates family, a man claiming to be from ADT/DirecTV asked if he could hang a handmade sign on a telephone pole near the fire station advertising free home security systems.

“I told him how rude and inappropriate that was,” said Mamone, “and then I told him ‘no.'”

Not everyone has such a crass way of looking at the situation, though. Some Union Leader readers didn’t see the fuss. One commenter on the article found the salespeoples’ concern touching.

I think that it was very appropriate for this salesman to offer alarm systems. I would have been flattered that someone cared enough to come to me. Why are people so critical?

Yes, they’re trying to sell you an alarm system days after a shocking murder because they just care so much. *tear*

Alarm company handbills draw residents’ anger [Union Leader] (Thanks, texter!)

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(Photo: Mr. T in DC)

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