What Are Some Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas?

The personal finance blog Moolanomy posted a list of 25 cheap Halloween costumes, including ones that make no sense (see “Soup and crackers”) and ones that sound borderline dirty (see “Facebook wall”). The list made us realize that our readers probably have a lot of equally cheap, and equally-or-more creative, costume ideas of their own.

If you’ve got photos of past costumes as proof that it can work, that’s even better. To post an image, host it somewhere else first, then use this code in your comment:

<img src=”the-url-to-your-hosted-image-goes-here”

(Note that you shouldn’t use the closing HTML tag if you want the image to show up.)

“25 Frugal Halloween Costumes” [Moolanomy]
(Photo: Jayel Aheram)

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