Man Eats Windows 7 Themed 7-Layer Whopper

For some reason, possibly because they have the same ad agency as Burger King, Microsoft has convinced the fast food chain to offer a 7-layer Whopper in celebration of Windows 7. What is a 7-layer Whopper? It’s just a Whopper with 7 patties.

The burger, which apparently has like 2 lbs of meat or something absurd, has been spotted in the wild in Japan and in the US.

Here is a video of a man with a beard eating one. When asked how it is, he replies: “It’s delicious. It’s like eating an elephant.”

So there you have it. According to the YouTube description, the burger is supposed to be only available in Japan, but our hero printed an article about it from Gizmodo, brought it to the restaurant and BK was happy to make one for him. It cost $9.19 before tax?.

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