South Dakota KFC Double Bills Everyone Who Used A Debit Card There Since April

We didn’t even know this was possible, but apparently it is: A KFC/Long John Silver’s in Watertown, South Dakota has rebilled every debit card transaction since April.

From KSFY:

“I talked to my bank today and she said when she called she was one of a couple hundred people that have already called,” said Tori Feil. Tori was one of the lucky ones, if you can call her that, she used her card to pay here at the KFC twice since April and got re-billed again today totalling about $20.00.

Tori says, “I feel bad for the people, there are people who are regular customers there and all of the sudden they have $300-$400 charges coming through their account. A lot of people are are getting overdrawn and the banks don’t really know what to do about it.”

The owners of the KFC doesn’t really know what happened:

“To be honest with you we didn’t know what to do, I mean it hasn’t been fun coming in the office everyday that’s for sure, the phones have been ringing off the hook.”

Well, whoops. They say they are doing everything in their power to get the money returned.

KFC Accidentally Double Charges Customers [KSFY]
(Photo:Morton Fox)

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