Verizon Has a Star Smart Phone Check out CR’s initial take on the Motorola’s Droid, the new Verizon phone running Google’s Android OS. [Consumer Reports Electronics]


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  1. gStein_*|bringing starpipe back|* says:

    wait, verizon gets a star, but i don’t? (same goes for kimaroo… and all the others)

  2. cmp179 says:

    Does anyone know if I’ll get some kind of discount on this phone when my New Every Two comes around? I just learned about that deal, and I’m still not completely sure how it works.

  3. Nighthawke says:

    I pray that verizon don’t cripple it like the rest of the inventory they have.

    • bloggerX says:

      @Nighthawke: From what the folk in the know say it’s cripple-free.

      @Kimaroo – Fortified with Kittydus Purrularis: Why? I still have a Startac!

    • evarga says:

      My first thoughts too. The review says that it can send photos via bluetooth, so they’ve at least removed that, and access to the Android app store is step in the right direction. Looks like the TCO is the same as ATT/iPhone, which is a shame.

    • rickhamilton620 says:

      @Nighthawke: They wont. You see, this qualifies as a “Google Experience” device. That means that Motorola and Verizon had to follow strict guidelines from Google in terms of feature set, the use of Google’s default Android UI (there’s no custom UI’s like HTC’s Sense and Motorola’s Moto Blur on this Android handset) and more. Also, for this particular device, Motorola and Verizon worked hand in hand with Google to deliver a quality experience.

      In short, there’s no crippling to worry about. :)

      • Nighthawke says:

        @rickhamilton620: Hence Google’s motto – “Do no evil”. Google had to do some serious arm-breaking and kneecapping on the cell execs to “inspire” them to comply with their standards.

        Ok, I know what phone to get, can I afford the whole package now…

  4. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    I was almost excited about this phone.. but now that I know it’s Motorola, I will never ever own one.

  5. Goatweed says:

    I’ve been seriously considering a Storm 2 but I might want to take look at this in action – although I read on Engadget that the music player on this is severely lacking.

  6. bohemian says:

    Does anyone know if this one will have a wifi option on it like some of the Windows based smart phones? If it does that would seal the deal for me.

  7. gerrycomo says:

    From their impressions, it’ll probably be nicely rated.

  8. Surfergirl1286 says:

    I’m so excited for it.. I’m getting one first thing when they open