Woman: Jiffy Lube Didn't Inspect My Car

Cristin says she went to a Los Angeles Jiffy Lube and kept an eye on her vehicle to make sure the mechanics performed the services she paid for. She says Jiffy Lube didn’t check her fluid levels, battery or tire pressure but told her it did. She writes:

I asked to have the oil changed on my early Ford Bronco. As a previous experience at an ez-lube where they had poured ATF into my transmission that can only use Type-F fluid caused my transmission to fail, I always watch all work done on my vehicle from just outside the bay.

According to their service report/invoice, they checked my tire pressure, checked my brake fluid level, and checked the water level in my my battery. As I was watching the service being performed and they didn’t check my tires, battery, or brake reservoir, I asked them if they had checked these. The manager came in and said “oh, we checked those.”

Lying to me about failure to perform service is wrong.

I filed a complaint online, and they responded:

Dear Mr. [redacted],

I am in receipt of your complaint to Jiffy Lube International. I have spoken with the store manager and he assures me that it was not there intent to not inspect the fluid levels on you 1973 Ford Bronco. The employees were under the impression that you request these fluids not be checked. If you would like to return to the store and ask for the Manager, [redacted] he will be more than happy to check the flood levels as promised with a Jiffy Lube Signature Service. You may contact the store at [redacted] to schedule a time convenient for you and [redacted] to speak and resolve this issue.

Thank you for allowing Jiffy Lube to serve your vehicles maintenance needs.

Well, I’m not Mr. (I filled out Ms. on their form) and I did not request certain levels be checked.

Sounds like business as usual for Jiffy Lube, where usual means lying about service being performed.

Iffy Lube, er, Jiffy Lube seems to have been caught in a lie here and is awkwardly attempting to backpedal. Has anyone ever spied on a mechanic just to catch them in a fib?

(Photo: James Callan)

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