Guy Who Invented Spider Currency Wrote Fake McDonalds Memo

This will probably come as a surprise to no one, but the fake McDonalds memo that went viral last month was written by David Thorne, the same guy who tried to pay for a bill with a drawing of a spider. He is a very silly man.

Andrew Ramadge of spoke with Thorne about how the email letter came to be:

Now South Australian prankster David Thorne, famous for an email exchange in which he attempted to pay a bill with a drawing of a spider, has admitted to the hoax.

“It took me five minutes in Photoshop,” he told this week.


Of creating the hoax, Mr Thorne said: “Paper background and logo courtesy of Google Images. Signature courtesy of the Robert Mugabe page on Wikipedia. Address courtesy of Google Maps. Content courtesy of being ripped off by McDonald’s several times.”

The memo had appeared on Mr Thorne’s website earlier in the year as part of a prank email exchange about test-riding a motorcycle.

“Prankster David Thorne behind McDonald’s hoax” []

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