Company Will Program Your Universal Remote For $250

When I was in college, an older woman I worked with paid me $25 to come over and program her VCR, and that is not a euphemism. Clearly I missed a valid business opportunity when I didn’t think to package that skill and resell it as an in-home service for idiots everywhere. You know, sort of like what InstallerNet offers with universal remotes for the low low actually-sort-of-high price of $250.

Here’s what you get, according to the product listing on the page:

With this e-InstallCard a professional installer will program the primary commands of up to 8 devices into your pre-programmed or PC programmable universal remote control, program up to 4 advanced macro commands that enable 1 button, multi function operation, document user names and passwords that may be built into some of today’s newer remote controls, make sure all components are working properly with the remote control codes and show you how to use your new system.

Joshua, who sent us the link, would like everyone to know that he’s running a Fall Special for only $99—”That’s a savings of $150!!!” I will do it for $98.

(Photo: CarbonNYC)

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