Why Does Walmart Think That Its Payment App Will Be Such A Hit?

Walmart hasn’t signed on to accept any mobile payment platforms, including dominant Android Pay and Apple Pay. It was one of the merchants behind the now-dormant CurrentC payment app, and launched its own barcode-based payment service tied to customer accounts on the retailer’s website. While the company claims that their goal is to provide a unified Walmart experience, why isn’t it also willing to let customers use the mobile payment app that they already have? [More]


Walmart Taking Its Proprietary Mobile Payment App Nationwide

Two months ago, Walmart took its mobile payment app, the logically named Walmart Pay, live in 590 stores in its home state of Arkansas and in the neighboring state of Texas. The test apparently went well: the retailer is bringing the app to customers in the rest of the country as of today. [More]


Walmart Launches Mobile Payment App In Arkansas And Texas

Walmart resisted accepting any of the big mobile payment systems from companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung, instead becoming part of the CurrentC consortium, then developing its own proprietary payment app. As of today, customers can use Walmart Pay at 590 stores in Texas and Arkansas. [More]