Verizon, NYPD Don't Care About Fires

Once again, Verizon has been caught leaving its vans parked in front of fire hydrants.

Dennis writes:

Five days after I moved into my apartment in Brooklyn, NY in April of 2009, my car was towed for parking near a fire hydrant. I ended up spending $300 to get my car back. Later that month, I saw a Verizon van parked directly in front of a fire hydrant on the same street in Brooklyn for several hours. Even after I called the police, nobody came by to tow the Verizon van. So why does Verizon and the NYPD think that Verizon vans parked directly in front of fire hydrants is not a safety hazard?

We understand that the NYPD has a lot on its plate, but don’t they have a dedicated parking enforcement division? We’d think that someone calling to say “hey, there’s a van parked next to a fire hydrant” should sound like “here’s $115 plus impound fines for the taking.” Get on it.

If anyone from Verizon is reading, here’s that plate number: 21500JR.

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