Ralph Lauren Is As Weirded Out By This Ad As We Are


Fashion advertising has a long tradition of lying, but this comically stupid Ralph Lauren ad seems to have confused the human anatomy with a box of Pocky. Unfortunately, Ralph Lauren doesn’t want to be mocked for its own advertising, so it started sending out DMCA takedown notices to blogs who have posted the ad—both Boingboing and Photoshop Disasters have been ratted out to their ISPs. Blogspot took down the pic from Photoshop Disasters while it investigates, but Boingboing has posted it a second time.

We’re not sure this will teach Ralph Lauren anything about the Streisand Effect, but it’s still fun to see a company mangle its own heavy-handed intimidation tactics.

Update: Our original post said that Photoshop Disasters caved to the takedown notice, but that was incorrect according to several readers. A commenter below writes, “Photoshop Disasters didn’t cave – Blogspot policy is to remove the offending post until the investigation is complete. PsD had a post up about it yesterday.” We’ve changed the wording in the first paragraph to more accurately reflect what happened.

“The criticism that Ralph Lauren doesn’t want you to see!” [Boingboing]

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