Anus Burgers Run Wild Across America’s Restaurant Signs


We got a tip from someone today with a funny pic of a misspelled McDonald’s sign at the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, MO. We thought we’d do a Google search to see if this was old news or not. What we found out was that “Angus” is too ripe a target for word vandals, or even just opportunistic photographers, to pass up.

For example, here are two anus signs posted on a blog about a year ago. And just last month, this blog found a McDonald’s in Hartford, Connecticut that promoted a “bacon and cheese anus burger.” And here’s a photo on Flickr of a Burger King that doesn’t claim the anus burger is theirs, but wants you to try it anyway.

And finally, here’s a great photo from someone who noticed that the signage in this restaurant doesn’t work well with the window frame—and neither does the “open really wide” tagline.

In closing, we would like to type the word anus one more time, and point out that maybe “Angus” wasn’t such a great food trend for chain restaurants with easily modifiable public signs. You’d be hard pressed to turn “chipotle” into a naughty part so quickly.

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