Danish Government Promotes Unwanted Pregnancies, Tourism

Here’s another one for the apology pile: the Danish government is apparently very, very sorry for creating one of the most bizarre tourism campaigns ever. VisitDenmark, which promotes tourism, created a fake website for a pretty young mom who got drunk one night, had sex with a stranger, ended up with a baby, then made an internet video to find the father. The story was purely a hoax—the young woman, an actor; the baby, not hers—and many people sucked in by the sad tale are now pissed off.

According to 9News, VisitDemark initially defended the stunt, calling it “a good and sweet story about a mature, responsible woman who lives in a free society and shoulders the responsibility of her actions.”

There’s that. But then there’s also the message, “Come to Denmark, where you can impregnate beautiful women and disappear the next morning!” It’s the Denmark-as-Vegas model, but “What happens here stays here” was already taken.

Naturally, there’s already a parody video (and, actually, it’s pretty funny).

Denmark sorry for ‘one-night stand’ hoax [9News via Brandfreak]

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