Customer Tells Bank of America To Stick Her Debt "In Your Bailout Pipe And Smoke It"

Run people’s interest rates up to over 25% and eventually one of them is going to snap. Meet Ann. She’s has a balance of several thousand dollars on her Bank of America credit card. The bank has raised the interest on the card to 25.49% from 12.99% and she feels like there’s only one thing she can do to take a stand against what she calls “usury.” She’s refusing to pay. She’s also asking other consumers to “search their own souls” and consider joining her in a “debtor’s revolt.”

“When I finally made my decision about what I needed to do, it was scary,” she told the Huffington Post. “I knew I was probably going to ruin my credit.”

The video has 97,000+ views on YouTube so far, and the rant seems to be growing in popularity despite the fact that she confuses Ken Lewis with “Ken Lay.” (We suppose that sort of mix-up has been happening to Mr. Lewis with increasing regularity over the past year.)

“Had you left well enough alone,” she says in the clip, “I would have continued to make my payments in good faith, but no, you had to bend me over for no good reason other than papering over your mega-screw-up.”

Guess that’s the risk BoA takes when jacking up interest rates. We’re sure they’ve got “people who refuse to pay on principle” figured into the plan somehow. We wish her luck dealing with the debt collectors that BoA will sell her account to.

Debtor’s Revolt [Huffington Post] (Thanks, Sherwood!)

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