Keep Track Of Your Prescriptions With This Free App

If you have to take meds, you know that one of the big issues is watching out for potential drug interactions—the last thing you want is to pass out at the supermarket from uncontrollable flatulence and a sudden onset of glaucoma. Consumer Reports has developed My Medication Tracker, a free desktop app that lets you privately keep a record of your medication history (and related costs), as well as watch out for potential interactions.

All supermarket scenarios aside, Ginger Skinner at the Consumer Reports Health Blog sums up how the app can benefit you:

Bottom line: My Medication Tracker can help you take control of your medication and health history, and will also improve your communication with your doctor. At your next doctor’s appointment, bring a printout of your medications and ask your doctor, “Do I really need to take all these medications?” It’s likely your doctor is unaware of all the medications you’re taking-especially if you’re seeing several doctors and specialists. Your doctor may even recommend you stop taking unnecessary or duplicate medications or dosages-which can not only help cut costs, but can also keep you healthy and prevent potential drug interactions.

My Medication Tracker requires a password to access your data, and doesn’t report anything back to the Consumer Reports mothership or leave any cookies or hidden tracking software on your computer. Yeah, CR looks out for regular people like that. That’s why we like them.

“My Medication Tracker” [Consumer Reports]

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