Foods That Are Bad For You: Now Good For You!

The Times has a write-up of the Smart Choices campaign, an industry-supported healthy foods labeling program that generously designates foods like Fruit Roll-Ups, mayonnaise, and Cocoa Puffs as good for you. “These are horrible choices,” says the head of the nutrition department at Harvard School of Public Health.

Health experts, the FDA, and the USDA aren’t impressed with the criteria that allows Lunchables and Froot Loops to be designated a “Smart Choice.”

“You could start out with some sawdust, add calcium or Vitamin A and meet the criteria,” said Mike Jacobson from the Center for Science for Public Interest. Well yeah, sawdust is pretty much all fiber, so this new vitamin-enhanced fiber sounds great!

For Your Health, Froot Loops [NYT]
(Photo: ninjapoodles)