LG Electronics Offers Customer Amazing Service On Broken Plasma TV

If you owned an expensive TV that stopped working, and you were years out of warranty, you’d assume the manufacturer would have nothing to do with you, correct? LG doesn’t play that game—Tim’s experience with them when his LG set went kaput is a mind-blowing example of a company practically coddling its past—and almost certainly future—customers.

His TV is about 5 years old, and earlier this year it stopped working. Although it was out of warranty, he called LG Electronics “on a whim” and to his surprise, they extended his warranty to cover the cost of repairs.

The repairs didn’t take. Tim says the 3rd party repairman’s last words to him were, “I just put in the parts. You’ll have to call LG.” So he did.

We called LG again thinking they would say that they’ve given their best effort and apologize and we’d be on our way. Not so. Again, rather than making us feel bad at all the next conversation shocked me… it was along the lines of this: “We’re so sorry Mr. Heuer you’ve had this problems. We don’t want to inconvenience you anymore. We’d like to replace your TV with a new one.”

In case you didn’t hear it, that was the sound of me picking my jaw up off the floor.

Not only did they offer to replace it, but they gave him 3 models to choose from.

Tim summed up the experience by writing, “This whole process has really just been simply amazing to me. I cannot believe how this company is really taking customer service seriously.”

“Great customer service follow-up: LG Electronics” [Method of failed] (Thanks to bmccormack!)

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