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The End Is Nigh For Plasma TV: LG Electronics Says It’s Ditching The Technology By Next Month

Like black-and-white TVs and clunky tube sets before it, it was only a matter of time before plasma TV technology was outstripped and replaced by newer innovations on the scene. And the end appears to be nigh for plasma, even more so than before, as LG Electronics announced it’s throwing in its plasma TV hat by the end of November. [More]


Sears Re-Announces Recall Of Dehumidifiers Because No One Prefers Fires Over Humidity

Would you rather have a humid living environment, or one that’s on fire? Ding ding — we’re pretty sure the owners of 800,000 dehumidifiers sold by Sears would agree with you. The retailer is again reminding consumers of a recall for a product line that had issues last summer, again, over fires linked to using the Kenmore dehumidifiers. Now might be a good time to check on your dehumidifier. [More]

LG Electronics Offers Customer Amazing Service On Broken Plasma TV

LG Electronics Offers Customer Amazing Service On Broken Plasma TV

If you owned an expensive TV that stopped working, and you were years out of warranty, you’d assume the manufacturer would have nothing to do with you, correct? LG doesn’t play that game—Tim’s experience with them when his LG set went kaput is a mind-blowing example of a company practically coddling its past—and almost certainly future—customers.

LG Refrigerator Causes Flash Floods, Mini-Glaciers

LG Refrigerator Causes Flash Floods, Mini-Glaciers

Jason’s refrigerator wouldn’t work correctly, no matter how many times it was repaired. Eventually, Best Buy had to intervene. Yes, that Best Buy.