Don't Have $5,300 For Season Tickets? The Washington Redskins Will Sue You Into Bankruptcy

UPDATE: The Redskins have vacated their judgment.

Good news for fans of the Iggles and Football Giants and um, that other team with the crazy owner, it’s apparently “Washington Redskins Are Evil” day on Consumerist. Moving right along, this time we find our villain suing season ticket holders who find themselves too broke to continue buying season tickets.

The Washington Post introduces us to a 72-year-old grandmother who, while crying next to the Redskins hook rug she made, explains that she’s had season tickets since 1960 — but is now being forced into bankruptcy by the team she so dearly loves.

You see, she’s a real estate agent, and has been hit hard by the market crash. She asked the Redskins to put her contract on hold for a couple years while she gets back on her feet — but they said no. And then she sued her for breach of contract and got a default judgment of $66,364.

Hill couldn’t afford a lawyer. She did not fight the lawsuit or even respond to it because, she said, she believes that the Bible says that it is morally wrong not to pay your debts. The team won a default judgment of $66,364.

“It really breaks my heart,” Hill said, her voice cracking as the tears well and spill. “I don’t even believe in bankruptcy.

The Redskins say they were unaware of this lady’s situation and that “For every one [the Redskins] sue, I would guess we work out a deal with half a dozen.”

They also told the paper that all NFL teams sue their fans, but the Post checked it out and found that the following teams do not sue their fans: Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants and Jets, Seattle Seahawks and Tennessee Titans. The Chicago Bears admitted to suing “in rare instances,” and the New England Patriots sue “multiyear premium ticket holders.” Everyone else declined to comment or didn’t respond.

In all the Post found that the Skins sued 125 Redskin ticket holders for a total of $3.2 million.

The team won judgments totaling $2 million from 34 season ticket holders, most of whom did not hire an attorney and defaulted by not making an appearance in court.

For Redskins Fans, Hard Luck Runs Into Team’s Hard Line [Washington Post] (Thanks, jpropagada!)
(Photo: Linda Davidson – The Washington Post)

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