ThinkGeek Embraces Accidental Giveaway, Lets People Keep Freebies

What do you do when your server suddenly contracts swine flu and starts giving away free merchandise? If you’re ThinkGeek, nothing! The geek toy store celebrated a server glitch by announcing that anyone who picked up free schwag would get to keep it, no questions asked. Why? Read on for the awesome explanation…

Since we’ve always said that our customers are t3h awesome and we love you all so much, we let a bunch of the free orders go through. Heck, you deserve it, you had a rough day too, right? So enjoy your free—nay, priceless—goodies if you were lucky enough to get here in time. Since we plan on not letting that happen again, we hope you enjoyed our one-time only Swine Flu sale.

Though this happened back in May, the delay doesn’t make it any less wonderful. Give yourselves a hug, ThinkGeek, you deserve it!

Swine flu jumps to ThinkGeek server; gives away free stuff! [ThinkGeek] (Thanks to Chris!)

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