Please, Amazon, Stop Sending Me Bridal Magazines

Valerie got married about a year and a half ago. While planning the wedding, she had a registry on, but no longer had a use for it after the wedding. About a month ago, suddenly, mysteriously, she started receiving Brides Magazine. She received three issues in a span of three weeks. Not planning another wedding anytime soon, she has no need for a subscription, and called to cancel. What followed was a voyage into the mysterious intersection of magazines and third-party subscription vendors, since nobody can tell Valerie where the subscription really originated.

I have now received 3 issues of “Brides” magazine in the last 3 weeks, but I never subscribed. Their May/June issue arrived in mid-July (very ripped and beaten up), addressed to my maiden name. I have been married (with a new last name) for 18 months and never subscribed to their magazine. I e-mailed them asking why they sent me this, and how they got my old last name, but they never responded.

Then a week later, I received their July/August issue. I e-mailed them again, and again no response. Then I found how to look up “my account” from the 10-digit number on the mailing label. It said my subscription is “Active Paid” starting May 1, 2009 and ending March 1, 2010. I called their customer service and was told, “this subscription was ordered through your Wedding Registry.” When I said that my registry was 2 years old and I NEVER signed up for a “Brides” magazine subscription, they couldn’t tell me anything else about it. Upon my request, said they would cancel my ‘subscription’ immediately. I contacted, who assured me that they never signed me up for this subscription, never charged me for it, and said “you must have purchased this through another website.” Um, no, I never signed up for this, nor did I purchase a subscription…

So today in the mail, I received their September/October issue, and when I checked “my account” on their website, it STILL shows me as “Active Paid.”

Has this happened to anyone else?? Did give my contact information to Brides magazine? Is there a way for me to get a real answer from either company?

Have you had a similar experience with a third-party subscription vendor? Is there anyway to stop the unwanted magazine menace?

(Photo: halighalie)

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