Teach Your Kids To Lie For Fun And Profit

Is it okay to lie and make your kid lie if it saves you money and time? This mommy thinks so.

Laurie Peterson at Miyanville writes:

The swim club membership I won at an auction for the season requires that kids be at least 14 to go alone. I didn’t know this when I cast the winning bid. Since most of the hours the pool is open coincide with the time I’m in the office, I instructed my daughter to say she’s 14 if asked…

…Recently we were charged for the meal, and I corrected the waiter. He took her meal off the bill. I had failed to see the notation that kids must be under 12. Later I did. This time I encouraged my daughter to be younger, and continue to be 11. It’s not like we carry around a birth certificate if anyone asked for one…

…I know someone who doctored her son’s October birth certificate by several months to get him into nursery school a year earlier than he’d otherwise be able. He now celebrates two birthdays a year, his “real” one and the one on his official school records.

I say, if you start lying about the small stuff, you end up lying about the big stuff. Can’t wait to hear what this girl starts lying about to her mother when she’s 16.

When It Pays to Teach Your Kid To Lie [Minyanville] (Photo: Kevin N. Murphy)

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