Microsoft "Laptop Hunters" Ads Changed To Omit Apple Prices

Microsoft has changed their latest “Laptop Hunters” ad after a complaint from Apple that the Mac prices cited in the ads are misleading and MacBook Pro have been lowered since the ads were produced. The cheapest model with a 15″ screen only costs $1700 now, not $2000.

The latest spot, featuring a law student in need of a laptop, mentions the premium prices paid for Macs, but doesn’t mention any specific numbers.

In the original version, Lauren at one point comes upon an Apple computer and declares: “This Mac is $2,000, and that’s before adding anything.”

“Why would you pay twice the price?” asks Lauren’s mom. “I wouldn’t,” says Lauren, who ends up leaving with a $972 Dell laptop.

In the latest version of the ad, that portion has been edited out. The original ad has been removed from YouTube and other sites by Microsoft, and replaced with a version in which Lauren doesn’t talk about how much the Mac costs, but she does say: “It seems like you’re paying a lot for the brand.”

Good. Now that they’ve ended the legal quibbling, we can get back to our regular business of impassioned, fruitless debate about which operating system is superior.

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(Photo: Erik Charlton)

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