Two Men Charged With Placing Skimmer On Maryland ATM

Two men “of no fixed address” were charged in Maryland earlier this month with tampering with an ATM and skimming funds. The men, currently in custody in Oklahoma for similar crimes, allegedly added a skimmer and camera to an ATM at a Maryland PNC bank in April, but police weren’t notified of the tampering until May 20th.

The ATM had been rigged in April with a device that recorded customers’ credit card numbers, police said. Officials believed a video camera had been placed near the ATM to record customers’ PIN numbers.

The information thus obtained was used to withdraw money from a number of locations in Maryland and surrounding states, police said.

They face similar charges in California. Apparently they got around quite a bit, on other people’s money of course.

The only part that surprises us is that it took at least three weeks for PNC to notice the problem and report it. Remember to remain vigilant for skimmers no matter where you use an ATM, even in a bank lobby—you never know if that bank’s employees are aware of the skimmer problem and keep an eye out for this sort of thing.

“Two charged with ATM skimming in Frederick” [] (Thanks to Darren!)
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