New Jack In The Box Order Kiosk Removes Final Human Obstacle In Food Supply Chore

No matter how much you try to close yourself off from humanity—by not giving out your phone number, by staying in your home on weekends, or by getting a job as a blogger—you still have to speak to horrible, filthy humans when you order from fast food restaurants. A Jack in the Box in Bellevue, Washington has solved that problem.

Keith writes:

Snapped this picture in Bellevue, WA. Now I can order my fast food without having to talk to anyone! What’s even better is that the kiosk interface is actually very well done and easy. It does talk to you in a loud voice that I have to imagine would get annoyying listening to all day. It includes pictures with options and sides that I didn’t even know existed. Like who knew for 30 cents extra you can get a side salad with your combo instead of fries. It seems as though people are afraid of it or can’t read the sign as there was a line of a handful of people and no one paid attention to it. The only failure was that we ordered sour cream but they were out of it. They kindly refunded 55 cents AFTER our order was done and we asked where the sour cream was.

What’s next ordering directly from my iPhone?

Actually, you can already do human-less iPhone orders for Pizza Hut (their new iPhone app is really well done for what’s basically a remote ordering app), and probably others we haven’t heard about. But there’s just something fun about standing less than 10 feet away from a restaurant employee and choosing to order from your robot friend instead.

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