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While it had many failings, the Galactic Empire did have an excellent health plan.  (RedandJonny)

Your Health Insurer Could Pay You To Take Your Blood Pressure And Weight (Sort Of)

The kiosks at pharmacies where you can take your blood pressure, pulse, and maybe even weigh yourself aren’t just for killing time while you wait for a prescription. Well, they’re mostly for that, but Walmart will be trying out a new rewards card that compensates customers to visit the checkup kiosks to take a few measurements. [More]


Taco Bell Denies Its Loyalty Program Will Be Called “Taco Baller” Despite Trademark Application

How many soft tacos and burritos have traveled down your gullet without anyone ever recognizing the event? The number might be inestimable for some, but starting soon, Taco Bell customers will be able to mark each food occasion by way of a new customer-loyalty program the company is rolling out sometime this year. [More]