Best Buy To Sell Electric Motorcycles

Have you ever wished that you could combine the competent, organized staff of your local Best Buy with the gentle, no-pressure sales environment of a vehicle showroom? You’re in luck! Best Buy is now selling motorcycles. Motorcycles?

Fully electric motorcycles. Brammo’s Enertia bikes run on lithium-ion batteries. They’re like laptop computers that go “vroom.” The Enertia can run up to 45 miles on a single charge, and reach speeds of up to 50 mph. The battery is good for about 1000 charges.

Consumer Reports gave the Enertia a test drive and was impressed. “Favorably impressed,” even:

While our test ride was limited to a quick trip around the block on the streets of Manhattan, we came away favorably impressed. Acceleration is quick and smooth, and disc brakes are powerful and easy to modulate. The 285-pound Enertia feels and looks solidly put together, and it is light and agile, absorbing New York’s famous potholes well. Brammo says performance and handling is comparable to a small, 250cc motorcycle. And it’s easy to ride, with no shifting. You just twist the throttle and go.

It’s a fun idea, but one can buy a gas-powered motorcycle similar in size and quality for about a quarter of what the Enertia costs. And while this post’s illustration is just an amusing mashup based on the orange color of the bike’s press photos, the Geek Squad techs will indeed be trained to repair the Enertia.

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