Man Can't Track Down Phantom Circuit City/Chase/Best Buy Credit Card

Ah, the perils of having a credit card issued by an electronic store that dies a slow, painful death, only to come back, haunt you and resist all attempts at seances and exorcisms.

Such is former Circuit City credit card holder Jesse’s plight:

I held a Circuit City store card for about two years, rarely using it but keeping it around for the fairly substantial credit limit. When the store closed, I waited to hear what would become of the card, as a closed account would drastically reduce my available credit and ding my credit rating.

From the close of the store through the beginning of May, I heard nothing from Chase. I contacted them through their online form, where I was informed that a Chase Visa with the same limit would be sent to my home within 7-10 business days. Three weeks later, nothing. I contacted them again via the online form, and was informed a replacement card with a new account number would be sent in 3-5 business days. Again, nothing.

I called in June, and was informed that my card was switching over to a Best Buy store card. Not what I wanted, but it was something. I was told to expect the card in 7-10 business days. I called again about ten days ago, informed them that I had not received a thing, and was told that another replacement card was being sent in 3-5 business days.

I called today, after two straight months of having received absolutely nothing, and was informed that my account had been closed for “business reasons” on June 24th, with no notification or warning to me. A letter was allegedly sent, but like everything else, I’ve received absolutely nothing. This of course affects my credit rating, but more importantly, I was misled multiple times about the nature of my relationship with the bank both via e-mail and through their live representatives, and I have no idea if there are cards or accounts open floating in the ether, because they won’t tell me how many other accounts I have with the bank unless I can give them the last four digits of card numbers that I don’t have and never received.

A few days later, Jesse tried logging on to his new account:

They’ve still sent me nothing – they told me that a letter was sent out on June 24th, but I still haven’t heard anything else. Interestingly, when I go to and log in with my old Circuit City information, I have an open account with a $0 balance and a current due date. When I call Chase about this card, they tell me that it doesn’t exist and that the account was closed.

I’m totally confused.

Sounds like Best Buy and Chase are just as confused as Jesse. What is he to do, commenters?

(Photo: FastFords)

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