Multivitamins May Give You A Dose Of Vitamin L — That Would Be Lead

How does that Alanis Morissette song go? Oh yeah, “It’s like meeting the multivitamin of your dreams, and then meeting its beautiful lead.”

A Consumer Lab study cited in the Sacramento Bee found that several multivitamins did not have all the vitamins and minerals their labels boasted, but what they did have is lead.

An SF Gate story says California is the only state that regulates vitamins, and the FDA’s tentacles are tied:

The FDA only takes action against dietary supplements proven to be dangerous once on the market, meaning that lots of people have to get sick before the federal agency will step in. With dietary supplements as popular as they are, this policy could certainly use a revision.

On the bright side, Superman will no longer be able to use his x-ray vision to see through you. Of course, you also may be poisoned by lead and thus too sick to fully appreciate your x-ray resistance. A little too ironic. Or at least Alanic.

Vitamin Lead? [SF Gate]
(Photo: sallyvillarreal)

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