Did Washington Mutual Just Give Me $500?!

Daniel filled out a Washington Mutual deposit slip listing several checks and $500 in cash, but “forgot” to hand over the cash. He normally isn’t a fan of “shady business,” but now that he has a bank statement crediting him for the $500 hiding in his wallet, he’s suddenly not sure what to do…

He writes:

Today I went to wamu to deposit money from checks and cash to pay my property taxes in Los Angeles. So I fill out my depositing paper and I write the total of several checks and my cash. Yet when I go to the teller I only give them the checks and I forget to give them the cash.. I don’t notice at the moment that I still have five benjamins in my shirt pocket until about two hours later when I notice the bills. Now I have a bank account credited to an extra 500 dollars and I don’t know what to do. Can you help me out with suggestions? Can the bank track down who has an extra $500? I normally don’t like doing shady business but in a time of recession every penny counts.

Thank you for your help.

You’re going to be caught, plain and simple. Go back and speak with a manager. Explain what happened, and hand over the money. You’ll earn a small bit of good will, but more more importantly, you won’t be, you know, stealing.

(Photo: knightraven)

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