Free Trials Can Be Trojan Horses For Sketchy Companies

“Free” is always an enticing proposition, but free trials that seem too good to be true often are. Conmen use such offers to lure in greedy customers hoping to get something for nothing.

WOAI San Antonio pokes a hole in a sketchy Acai Berry offer on Craigslist:

A News 4 WOAI Trouble Shooters viewer recently emailed us about some Craigslist ads that offered $1,200 to take part in an Acai Berry clinical trial. The ad included a link that sent our viewer to a website selling the dietary supplements. To take part in the clinical trial, our viewer would need to order a “free” month’s supply. Of course, a credit card is necessary to pay for shipping and handling.

That’s pretty much where the “free” part ends.

We’ve received complaints in the past from other News 4 WOAI viewers that punched in their credit card numbers for these “free” trial offers.

What they wound up getting was a costly headache from trying to cancel their membership. One viewer told us her “free” Acai Berry products cost her $184. Another said she was charged $87, then another $75.

The main lesson here: People in San Antonio are crazy gullible over free Acai Berry offers.

Consumer Alert: “Free” trial offers can be costly [WOAI]
(Photo: The Ninja Monkey)

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