Avast! Ten Percent Of Ye Be Movie Pirates

Yo ho ho and a bottle of illegally downloaded Paul Blart: Mall Cop. A Futuresource Consulting survey says 10 percent of the people it spoke to in the United States and Europe have watched illegally downloaded movies.

That’s right, they’ve ignored that intimidating FBI warning screen and gone ahead and BitTorrented new movies without a note from their parents or the express written consent of Major League Baseball.

From a Network World story:

“There is a huge appetite out there for free on-demand TV, but levels of paid-for activity are still low. The people we surveyed said they would watch more online content if the user interface and search facilities were improved,” said Alison Casey, head of global content at Futuresource.

The “improved user interface” solution theory seems out of touch. There are plenty of easy-to-use paid download services out there, and it takes some technical knowhow to find and download a copy-protected movie. It’s just all about booty and plunder for some people.

1 in 10 consumers have watched illegally downloaded videos [NetworkWorld]
(Photo: The Ninja Monkey)

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