There’s A Limit To Downloading Some Movies On Netflix

Image courtesy of @AlisaAndersen

Last fall, Netflix began allowing users to download some content for offline viewing. While the service was a welcome addition for many, it came with a few restrictions, some of which users are just now experiencing: Some shows and movies can only be downloaded a finite number of times.

Android Police reports that some users are finding they can’t actually download certain movies or TV shows repeatedly.

When Netflix began allowing downloads, it made it clear that such content came with an expiration date. For example, that episode you downloaded will disappear from your downloads after, say, 48 hours.

What the company didn’t make clear, however, is that you can only download the same movie or show a certain number of times.

Many users have found this out the hard way, Android Police reports, noting that when customers attempt to download a movie or show multiple times they’re greeted with a warning.

The warning explains that users can only download the content one more time. If they reach this unclear limit, they receive an error message and are unable to re-download the program for about a year from the date they first downloaded the show or movie.

While restrictions on downloading makes sense as the rights holders for the content can set restrictions, Android Police point out that Netflix doesn’t make it easy for customers to know if they’re downloading that movie too much.

In fact, the company doesn’t clearly provide customers with notification of how many downloads are available for a certain show or movie. So in the end, it’s apparently a game of chance.

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