Gourmet Settings Dishes Out Excellent Customer Service

Jeanpaul wanted to buy several replacement spoons for his Gourmet Settings flatware set, but the company didn’t seem to sell the pieces individually. After fruitlessly searching both the company’s site and eBay, Jeanpaul wrote in asking if there was any way to replace just his missing spoons. Rather than turn him away spoonless, Gourmet Settings asked for Jeanpaul’s address and then offered to send the replacement spoons free of charge.

He writes:

A few years ago I’d purchased stainless steel flatware at a wholesale club, and was impressed by how stylish it was. Since that purchase, I’d lost a few spoons, and after a dinner party, realized I needed to try and buy some of the lost pieces. I found the company’s website, Gourmet Settings, and found my pattern, but they didn’t seem to have any sections about buying things piecemeal, so I thought I was out of luck. I searched ebay and some specialty services to complete flatware sets, but they all seemed really expensive.

I finally emailed Gourmet Settings through their website to find out if I could buy certain pieces of my pattern, and their CS rep, Jane, was quick to write back that they didn’t have my pattern as an open stock item. I expected this. What I didn’t expect was that Jane then asked which pieces I needed, and offered to send them to me free of charge. I’ve attached the emails below.

Today my shipment from Canada came in, free of charge, with all of the pieces I asked for in perfect condition. I now have a complete set of flatware, and am blown away. I know the next time I buy flatware I will definitely be getting it from Gourmet Settings.

Jeanpaul initially wrote:

I have two 45 pc settings of the Frame design, and over time Ive discovered that Ive lost a few pieces, specifically the small spoons and one of the serving spoons. Is it possible to buy individual pieces of the Frame design to complete my set? I dont see a place on the website for that, but Im hoping that your company has something in place for piece meal orders.

The company replied the same day:

Thank you for your inquiry.

We don’t stock the Frame pattern as an open stocked item ñ only as packaged sets.

However ñ I’m sure I can find some teaspoons / and a serving spoon in our ëodds & ends’ bin.

Please send me your full mailing address ñ and I’ll send you what I can spare ñ with our compliments.

Best Regards,

Jane – GS -Customer Service

Jeanpaul responded:

Wow, that’s amazing. I didn’t expect to get a response back today, since it’s a holiday. Thank you for your quick response.

I’m just missing 5 small spoons, one serving spoon, and one regular spoon.

Here’s my mailing address…

To which the company once again replied:

Good morning ñ I’ll see what I can find and get them in the mail to you this week.
We are actually in Canada ñ no holiday for usÖÖ.. so sad!!!
If you need anything else ñ just let us know.

Best Regards,

Jane – GS -Customer Service

Great work, Gourmet Settings!

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