Rumble In The Strip Mall: Best Buy Calls Out Walmart

Sure, Best Buy emerged victorious over Circuit City in the Battle of the Big-Box Electronics Stores, but they still have to compete with general discounters like Walmart. Which is why in a new ad campaign, Best Buy calls out Walmart specifically, attacking their employees’ presumed lack of product knowledge compared to Best Buy employees.

In the TV spot titled “True Stories,” a Best Buy associate relays a story about a customer who calls with some very specific questions about a TV. Turns out he’s calling from a Walmart. Her response: “You’re obviously calling us because we’re knowledgeable. We’ve got the price match guarantee, so why don’t you come on in?”

That, says Barry Judge, chief marketing officer, is a perfect illustration of Best Buy’s point of differentiation. As the electronics retailer joins the ranks of those trying to convince consumers its prices are in line with Walmart’s, highlighting the price match guarantee was deemed essential. Target has been fighting a similar battle for months, though it has yet to mention Walmart by name in any advertising.

This raises the inevitable question: what kind of person has the Best Buy TV department on speed dial?

Best Buy Challenges Walmart on Employee Smarts [Advertising Age]

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