Chimichangas Are 20 For $10, Limit 5. What?

Reader Len is a little confused. To be honest, so are we.

Len says:

I was in my local Bottom Dollar, a low end Food Lion, grocery store (Gaithersburg, MD) and saw the attached pricing. They are selling 20 frozen burritos $10 with your savings card. The only problem is that there is a limit of 5 mix or match.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to find out if that was 5 x 20 (100 burritos) or just 5 total.

We are sort of afraid to meet the person who has to be limited to “only” 100 frozen chimichangas. Ya know?


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  1. Wang_Chung_Tonight says:

    don’t worry, you can only tear through about 2 of those before bolting for the toilet.

  2. Nick Wright says:

    That makes my head hurt, and I used to work at Food Lion.

    My guess is that it’s a limit of 5 at 50 cents each.

    • formatc says:

      @AbsurdHero: My guess is that it’s a limit of 5 at 50 cents each.

      I agree. I’ve also worked at a grocery store, and those X for $Y offers are always on a per-unit price unless otherwise explicitly indicated such as “single item normal price.” It’s clear to me that those items are 50 cents each and you may only buy 5 of them.

      I’d definitely say it’s a poor choice on behalf of the OP’s store to price it that way though. My store usually set the limit at X, such as a case of soda is 4 for $10 limit 4. Confusing numbers like this tend to make people think they can’t get a deal and makes the store lose sales. Our store ran 10 for $10 frequently and I used to see many people buy 10 at f a time thinking they needed to do that to get the deal, and I’d overhead conversations between a husband and wife debating whether they want to stock up on, say, 10 tubes of toothpaste.

      • Nick Wright says:

        @formatc: Most of those tags are sent in from the distribution center, so this dubious deal might be found at every Bottom Dollar out there.

        And I agree, the 10 for $10 and Buy One, Get One Free would get them every time. I’m constantly having to enlighten my friends and relatives on that little secret.

        • Coles_Law says:

          @AbsurdHero: With BOGO, it depends on the store. Kroger and its ilk will scan at 50% off. Other places require you to get two items.

          • Nick Wright says:

            @Coles_Law: Yes, I was referring to my experience specifically. Publix used to be BOGO literally, but recently switched over to half-price as well.

    • ganmerlad says:

      It is either 100 chimichangas, or 5 chimichangas at $.50 (customer to do the math) or it is a limit of 5 pounds. Or you are only allowed to mix and match 5 kinds, if you choose 6 kinds of chimichangas the 6th is at regular price. This is a ‘grab an employee and ask them what it means’ kind of sign, whether you want chimichangas or not. They would probably have to go ask. [It doesn’t take much to amuse me.]

  3. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    I want to be able to say, “I’m going to my local Bottom Dollar to mix and match 100 frozen chimichangas.”

  4. Adrienne Willis says:

    i am guessing they mean limit of 5 purchases of the 20/$10 deal.

    • Adrienne Willis says:

      @Adrienne Willis: supermarkets will do these to keep everyone from hoarding the goods. Otherwise you will get some old lady (like my grandmother) that will buy 200 of them and keep them in her deep freezer for years to come.

    • topgun says:

      @Adrienne Willis:
      Seems pretty logical to me. I can’t imagine the Consumerist wasted space on this.

    • henwy says:

      @Adrienne Willis:

      Ya. at my supermarket the limit always refers to the number of ‘offers’ not to number of items. So in this case, you could pick up up to a hundred of these.

      Which frankly sounds pretty appealing. The only time I’ve ever had chimmy’s was back in my college dining hall and I became pretty addicted to them. Haven’t seen/had one since though and it’s been over a decade.

  5. JediJohn82 says:

    One of my local grocery stores commonly has several 10 for $10 dollar items each week of which you can Mix and Match these items. Most likely the “Limit 5 Mix or Match” is a limit to the number of special buys you can get; this means if you really wanted 100 chimichangas at this special prices then you get them, but anything beyond that would be regular priced; OR you could get one 20 pack of burritos and mix it with whatever other special buys they have.

  6. ElizabethD says:

    So far no consensus here on Consumerist as to what the sign means. Heh. Prank or just dumb staff? It certainly got the shopper’s attention at any rate.

  7. TerpBE says:

    It’s a 20-pack of burritos for $10. Each customer is limited to 5 packages. I’m surprised there’s this much confusion.

    • Laura Northrup says:

      @TerpBE: Then what does the “97 cents” mean?

      • TripleTheOrder_GitEmSteveDave says:

        @Laura Northrup: The price before the sale, which explains the “Save$.47 each with card” written on the bottom of the sign.

        Thought I don’t see a clear unit price where the $.97 is written, so that’s not good. I hate stores that hide unit pricing!!

    • coren says:

      @TerpBE: I thought so too at first, then I read the brand and did the math. I’ve never seen a pack of burritos go at that high (19.40) price, which is what it’d be pre discount. And That brand, to my knowledge, doesn’t sell anything but individual servings.

    • trujunglist says:


      Apparently you’re confused too. It’s not a goddamn burrito, it’s a chimichanga. I’m surprised that people don’t know there is a difference.

  8. qwickone says:

    My guess is that you get 5 for the special price and everything over that is regular price. They do the 20/$10 pricing because a lot of people think you need to buy 20 to get the special price, therefore it encourages them to buy more. I’m pretty sure it does not come in a pack of 20.

  9. K-Bo says:

    I was thinking maybe it meant you couldn’t get all 20 in the same flavor. Maybe 1 flavor sells much better than others, so they limit it 5 per flavor, so people will buy the others too.

    • silver-bolt says:

      @K-Bo: Conversely, you could only have 5 different flavors, or 16 cheese, 1 spicy, 1 mild, 1 x, and 1 z =20 total.

  10. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    Whenever Wegmans does their .39/can veggie sale, I stock up on corn and beans. Lately though, I’ve seen a little “limit 10” fine print thing on the bottom – I don’t think I’ve ever adhered to that, not because I want to spite Wegmans, but because 10 cans isn’t really stocking up and it’s really aggravating to have to haul 10 cans each time they have a sale. I’d rather buy 20 (at this sale, it’s cheaper than Costco is normal price in bulk) and get it home in one trip. And the only reason I only buy 20 is cause I don’t have a ton of pantry space. But a batch of chicken and corn chowder to last a week and have some for freezing requires at least 7 cans of corn.

  11. HomersBrain says:

    I’ve noticed that my local Kroger now stocks frozen burritos/chimichangas in the freezer box directly across the aisle from the toilet paper. Now THATS good cross marketing !

  12. krispykrink says:

    My Safeway does this. They’re counting individual bags of 20 as 1 unit. Thus, you are limited to 5 bags.

  13. Skunky says:

    I wish I had one of those stores by my house, El Monterey makes some good frozen chimichangas! I like the ones in the blue bag, toss ’em in the toaster oven (or regular oven) so the outside is nice and flakey….hmmm, now I really want one.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I did the math, if the shop allows you a limit of 5 of the special deals (read 100) packages. You’re purchasing 800 chimichangas (family pack) and if you were to eat roughly 2000 calories a day of only chimichangas you would consume the full 800 items in just over 133 days… you also would be eating over 8 pounds of saturated fat in that same span of time.

  15. Michael Ortega says:

    No one is going to comment about how those things will kill you? All though 20 for $10 could mean you can eat 4 of these a day with water for 5 days, spending only $10 for a weeks worth of food.

  16. GitEmHomerJay! says:

    This should provide adequate sustenance for my Dr Who marathon!

  17. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    Maybe it was supposed to say 2/$1.00?

  18. coren says:

    It’s 5 at the price of 50 cents. I’ve never seen that brand sold as anything but individual (it’s not hte El Monterey you see behind the sign, in fact the item would likely be one shelf up) burritos/chimichangas/whatever, and about a dollar is what they go for at Grocery Outlet (which is similar to this store)

  19. dave_coder says:

    It’s a limit of 5 bags of 20. Not that hard to understand. I don’t know what the big deal is.

  20. coren says:


    Judging by the sign, this is the brand in question – if they have packs of chimichangs, they sure don’t advertise em.

  21. tinky XIII says:

    Deadpool is still heartbroken to hear of the limit.

    • silver-bolt says:

      @tinky XIII: You make it seem like Deadpool would just limited to 5, instead of shooting up the place.

      Then again, wade doesn’t even like chimichangas. He just likes saying it.

  22. dakota0908 says:

    This (with the picture) would go great on

  23. Dr_Doofus says:

    I have a great recipe for making a casserole from El Monterrey Chimi’s if anybody wants it.

  24. sharkzfanz says:

    I would have to say it was a misprint and and you would be able to get the 20/$10 as it even says save $0.47 per item.

  25. trujunglist says:

    A chimichanga is not simply a burrito nor is it a “crisp burrito,” please get your facts straight. For some reason this annoys me to no end.

  26. krunk4ever says:

    Technically all 20 for $10.00 just means 1 for $0.50.

    You’re not required to buy 20 to get that $10 price.

    Though I do agree the sign is ambiguous.

  27. prodpoke says:

    hey i go there occasionally. :]

  28. Slottsherre says:

    It’s obvious it’s 5×10 burritos max. per costumer.

  29. Anonymous says:

    If Len had bothered to take 2 seconds and read look @ the store ad, he’d have seen that they have a promo going on in which there are 8 or 9 different items and you can mix/match those to get 20 for $10, with a max of 5 of each item. I got 5 frozen veggies, 5 bottles of ketchup, 5 bottles of mustard, and 5 cans of ravioli.

  30. Propaniac says:

    People claiming that the product is “clearly” or “obviously” a package of 20 chimichangas, with a limit of 5 packages, should stop being so condescending and maybe go check out what actual grocery store price tags look like. The two biggest numbers displayed here are going to be the regular price of the product, and the “Special Buy” price. The regular price is 97 cents each; the special price is 20 for $10. If it were a package of 20, the “97 cents” price makes no sense whatsoever; why would the tag be primarily displaying the UNIT price of the product at its regular price, next to the TOTAL price of the product at the special price? It wouldn’t. It would compare unit price to unit price or total price to total price. And it can’t be that the top is referring to an individual chimichanga available for purchase and the bottom is referring to a pack of 20; that’s just not how the tags work. Those would be two separate products and have two separate tags.