Why Does The UPS Store Ship Packages With FedEx?

Alex shipped two packages to San Francisco from the UPS store in Boston. One was delivered, the other wasn’t—until without any explanation or notification, it arrived back at Alex’s house in Boston on a FedEx truck. Huh?

Alex isn’t really sure what happened, and UPS isn’t saying much. He writes:

Back on the 15th, I shipped two packages from a suburb outside of Boston to a single address in SF. On the 21st one of the packages arrived at the destination address, but the other did not. Figuring that it must have just ended up on another truck, I waited, assuming it would soon arrive. And it did! Only…. it was delivered to the return address back here in Boston, and believe it or not, it had arrived via Fedex Ground with no accompanying explanation whatsoever.

Shipped via UPS, returned via Fedex?

Baffled, I called the UPS customer support line. I didn’t figure that they would be able to explain what had happened, but I did assume that they would easily be able to either reship the package or refund my money. Unbelievably, they claimed that they could do neither.

Although I wasn’t aware of this fact before now, apparently UPS the shipping company and UPS the store are not run as a seamless entity. The customer support operator explained to me that because I shipped through a UPS store, I am am now a “third party” to the shipping transaction. I hired the Store to ship the package for me, making them the shipper, not me. She further claimed that her part of UPS could neither provide me a refund nor explain to me what happened, and that only the specific store that I used to ship the package could help.

Confused, I explained to her that my problem wasn’t with UPS the store but with UPS the shipping company. I had both of the receipts for the packages in front of me, and both showed identical addresses on the ship-to field. Since one of the packages had arrived, and since the UPS tracking system couldn’t locate the other (because it was in front of me!), my problem was with the shipper not the store.

At which point things got worse. Not only are the Store and the Shipper separate entities, but each Store is separate from every other Store. So I couldn’t just go to any Store to get help – I had to go back to the original shipping location to get a refund!

I explained to her from my perspective as a paying customer, this was like being told by the Post Office that each individual USPS location was its own unit, and that if I had problems I had to take it up with whatever branch I had used to mail my letters. It didn’t matter that all of the signs said “Post Office,” or that a single centralized entity took care of processing all of the mail behind the scenes, because that just wasn’t how they were organized. She laughed, apologized, and told me there was nothing she could do.

By the time I got off the phone with her, the manager at the UPS Store had left for the day, so I now have to wait another day to get this resolved. In the meantime, I’ve shipped the package with the Post Office, and will never – ever! – ship with a UPS Store again.

All of which is a long, round about way of suggesting that you warn your readers about the UPS Store. They have a common name, but don’t let that fool you! If something goes wrong, UPS 1-800 Customer support will not be able to help.

Its back to the Post Office for me!

It’s not unheard of for companies to use their competitor’s services, but this is especially strange. If UPS won’t refund your money or reship the package, ask if they would instead be willing to pay FedEx to ship it to San Francisco.


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  1. MakinSense...ForOnce_GitEmSteveDave says:

    I wonder what was in the packages. Sometimes UPS will ship something that FedEx won’t, or UPS will only send in ground, but FedEx might ship it quicker.

    • formatc says:

      @MakinSense…ForOnce_GitEmSteveDave: It could be price, too. We use both where I work, with heavy discounts because of the volume we push through on a regular basis. Destination and service (ground vs overnight) plays a key role in pricing. In some cases we can bypass the packaging restrictions and ship in our own envelopes/boxes regardless of weight, making one carrier cheaper than the other on a case-by-case basis.

  2. Skankingmike says:


    check to see if they promise…

  3. madanthony says:

    The UPS Store is a franchise – it used to be Mailboxes Ect – UPS bought them and eventually changed the name. That’s why each store is separate, and probably why they will ship with other carriers.

    I wonder if FexEx Kinkos will ship UPS.

    • Skankingmike says:

      @madanthony: Fedex OFFICE is not a franchise it’s owned by FedEx

      I believe there may be ones in Canada that are still Franchises though

      • OMG! Con Seannery! says:

        @Skankingmike: Gussy it up however you want. It’s still Kinko’s. Mine still has the FedEx Kinko’s signage, too! But FedEx can never rename that…and you know that’s why they dropped Kinko’s from the name, they wanted people to think FedEx, not Kinko’s.

      • hypoxia says:

        No, there are no FedEx Office frachises in Canada. They are all owned by FedEx Office, which is owned by FedEx. (5-year FedEx Office employee here)


      • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

        @Skankingmike: It’s still Kinkos. If someone around here says “FedEx Office” I’m like, “where?” But everyone knows where the Kinkos is. Even though it doesn’t say Kinkos anymore.

    • ludwigk says:

      @madanthony: What’s worse is that All the Mail Box etc./UPS Stores are all individually owned franchises with seemingly no shared policies or protections.

      It is basically “We suckered you in here with a brand that you trust, now get ready for a completely unrelated experience.” If you write to complain to UPS that the customer experience is terrible, you get boilerplate telling that all the UPS stores are independent, and that they can do whatever they want. Or the equivalent statement is that UPS takes no ownership of the experience that you have at one of their branded stores, and there is absolutely no reason to patronize them. Got it, thanks!

      • oneandone says:

        @ludwigk: It is basically “We suckered you in here with a brand that you trust, now get ready for a completely unrelated experience.”

        THIS. This sums up a lot of retail / service frustrations today. It’s at the heart of many of the online store vs. B&M store problems and customer problems w franchises. ‘Suckered’ definitely describes the feeling I’ve gotten several times, and maybe smart companies will realize that it’s not good for business when a customer’s default emotion for interacting with you is deep distrust and wariness regarding who they are actually dealing with.

  4. Julia789 says:

    I may have an explanation. If he forgot to send one out until after UPS had already picked up, FedEx was still open.

    I work in a department with insane last minute proposals that have to often be shipped overnight at 6pm or 8pm to clients. If we miss the 6pm UPS shipping pickup, the local FedEx regional center is open until 8pm and serves as our “emergency backup.” (The UPS regional center is 30 minutes away and we’d never make it there in time.)

    So it’s possible in this case that he forgot the package, misplaced it or did not pack it up in time, and didn’t notice it until as he was closing up. At which point he might have said “Oh crap!” and rushed to the FedEx which was open later and still had a chance to ship it out?

    • Kyle Penton says:


      I can believe this.

    • Kogenta says:

      @Julia789: Seems entirely possible.

      I once spoke to a DHL rep that basically said they use whoever can get the package there on time. If they don’t have service in the area, they contract out to anyone who has service in the area, even if it’s their direct competitors (though usually it’s the government postal agency if it’s really “remote”).

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they operated the same way in regards to making sure something gets somewhere if someone forgot to put it on the truck.

      • econobiker says:


        “If they don’t have service in the area, they contract out to anyone who has service in the area, even if it’s their direct competitors (though usually it’s the government postal agency if it’s really “remote”).”

        That reminded me of the oil company which built a facility in a remote area Alaska by shipping concrete blocks via USPS because it was cheaper to burn the USPS with the shipping cost than to bring in the blocks via truck.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “If UPS won’t refund your money or reship the package, ask if they would instead be willing to pay FedEx to ship it to San Francisco.”

    That last line, right there…they never had his money in the first place, it’s not theirs to refund. It said so in the letter from Alex.

    “Not only are the Store and the Shipper separate entities, but each Store is separate from every other Store. So I couldn’t just go to any Store to get help – I had to go back to the original shipping location to get a refund!”

    Each UPS store is an independently owned and operated franchise. They answer to no one but themselves, I believe they don’t even have inspections or anything from “corporate” like fast food franchises and the like. His package was shipped FedEx because it was probably cheaper, or contained an item that UPS does not ship (aerosol cans are a good example of this).

    As far as Alex goes, he doesn’t have to completely go back to shipping with the Post Office (which in my experience has never been a good choice, but that’s just me). Just make sure you clarify that it WILL be shipped UPS and pick a new UPS store. That particular UPS store should have told him if they were going to ship it FedEx before they did so, so finding a new one would probably be a good idea. Chances are they’re owned by a different person and run differently.

  6. sonneillon says:

    The fish company I’ve worked for has sold fish to our largest competitor because they didn’t have enough to meet an ad. We didn’t cut them a deal at all so they lost 2 bucks a pound on 500 pounds of tilapia.

    Things happen and your competitor will be more than happy to take your money.

    • MyopicRaiderfan says:

      Alex: This popular fast growing fish served in grocery stores and restaurants eats shit and dead remains of fish.

      Me:What is Tilapia?

      Alex:Correct for $200.

      • Pete Cacchioli says:

        @MyopicRaiderfan: You could also use that same answer for chicken. Most times it is not that good of an idea to think too deeply about the food your food eats.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        @MyopicRaiderfan: when it comes right down to it – vegetables eat pretty much nothing but the excrement and remains of other living things.

      • HogwartsAlum says:


        Yes, they do. Thanks to Mike Rowe, I know this is true.

        But who cares, because they taste SO DARN GOOD.

      • sonneillon says:

        @MyopicRaiderfan: Yup it’ll eat pretty much anything. But that can also be said for all kinds of sea critters. Lobsters, crabs, shrimps, catfish, carp, and halibut are all bottum feeders that will eat anything they can catch or put in their mouth.

        Every now and then a crab or lobster will slip it’s bands and go on a killing spree. Every time the lobster guy get’s yelled at by the boss.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I work at a UPS Store and that does seem strange that the package was returned via Fedex,i’ve never seen it happen. But yes if you ship through the UPS Store and you need to get a refund, you need to go back to the store in which you shipped at. While UPS owns the main franchise, each store is individually owned by different people. One tip, if you do ship at a UPS Store and there is a problem with the shipment (arrives broken or items missing, missed the delivery date, change of delivery address, etc) call the store in which you shipped from and talk to the owner. Since it is the owners UPS account the store ships packages on, they are the ones that need to put in the claim, it works faster if you go through the store than calling 1-800-PICKUPS.

  8. teqjack says:

    I think Madanthony may be closest about needing to go to an individual location for response, with the Mailbox franchisees remaining semi-independent after the takeover.

    But I have noticed several times that when I order something, especially coast-to-coast, tracking shows parts of the route as USPS while other parts show FedEx. Possibly something to do with which has nearest bulk air-shipping facilities?

    • psm321 says:

      @teqjack: That would be FedEx SmartPost. a.k.a one of the slowest shipping methods known to man. [fedex.com]

    • natemc says:

      @teqjack: FedEx has a system called SmartPost. They route bulk amounts of packages all around the country (woot.com uses this). They do it cheaply by sending containers (CONS) full of items destined for say Washington all in one CONS box, then once it gets to the nearest post office facility they get a cheaper rate on shipping form the post office etc. I hope I explained that right.

      As for the UPS Store, they are independently owned and UPS in name only, the corporation is still called Mail Boxes Etc and many countries are reverting to the MBE name instead of the UPS Store. See [www.mbe.com]

      It was just a marketing grab to build brand awareness with FedEx’s acquisition of Kinko’s (now FedEx Office) which fully owns all the stores, there are no franchises with FedEx Office.

  9. SDreamer says:

    My father works for USPS and told me before that both UPS &FedEX use USPS sometimes to ship packages through them just because it’s cheaper. He said sometimes that does happen and it sometimes takes months to get packages back to their rightful carrier. Not sure who should be responsible, just throwing some information that cam be useful.

    • Jim Topoleski says:

      @SDreamer: I dont know if UPS is a new thing, but the USPS and FedEx share package shipping duties and equipment.

      FedEx ships the first clas, priority, and express mail on their planes, USPS will ship FedEx Ground on their semi’s.

      Thats why I always though it was hilarious when people tell you not to use the USPS, because more often than not it will be shipped through the USPS even if you pick a different carrier.

      And unlike UPS and FedEx, the USPS has a police force that WILL investigate accusations of theft. And having worked for the USPS I will tell you they take it seriously, and quite frankly scared the SHIT out of us, because they have no qualms with you knowing they WILL send you to federal pound me in the ass prison for even a minor offense if it involves someones mail.

      • b.k. says:

        @Jim Topoleski: One time UPS couldn’t find my house, and for some reason didn’t bother to call and ask for directions. Instead they sent me a postcard — via USPS — explaining that they didn’t know where my house was.

        I wonder now why they didn’t just have USPS ship the package for them, too.

  10. Coles_Law says:

    Is there a Fedex tracking number on the package? It would be interesting to see what they had as the origin.

  11. haoshufu says:

    UPS is correct. UPS stores are individual shipping store and not own nor operate by UPS. If you have your own UPS account and just drop it off at a UPS store, then it is between you and UPS. If you don’t have an account and use UPS store to ship your package, there is no difference than if you would have gone to Mailbox Etc. For individuals to deal directly with UPS, you have to go to a UPS depot.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Instead of going through the UPS store, go to UPS.com and search for UPS Customer Care centers. You can ship your packages directly through UPS without the middleman. You can also save a few bucks since the UPS store will add on its own fees and whatnot. The downside is that the UPSCCC are not always in the most convenient location.

  13. gst214 says:

    The UPS Store is a nightmare. I once shipped a television back home after moving out of my college dorm using the UPS Store next door to my dorm building. The box arrived at my permanent address a few days later in appalling condition and, naturally, the TV set was broken. I called the main UPS 1-800 number, and I believe they directed me to an online complaint form that I filled out. A day or so later, a UPS guy showed up at my door to take the box and all of its original contents to, I assumed, some kind of main facility where they inspected these kinds of damaged goods. A few days later I got a call from the independent UPS Store I shipped it from saying that they looked at the TV themselves and decided it wasn’t packed well enough and they weren’t liable for the damage. I never got a clear answer on who exactly at the store looked at it or how qualified they were to determine the extent of the damage or how exactly it occurred, but they just rudely told me they determined it wasn’t their fault and I could come pick up the box. When I explained to them that I was not currently in the immediate area and they could just send it back to the address it came from, they said they would have to charge me again to send my now broken and unusable TV back.

    I’ve used FedEx exclusively ever since. Assholes.

    • shepd says:


      From my personal experience, UPS insurance isn’t worth the paper your policy is written on. Took an actual small claims settlement to get my money from them after UPS admitted their carrier misdelivered/stole the package.

      • reynwrap582 says:

        @shepd: I don’t know if this is true for all UPS Stores, but the one I worked with bought insurance from a third party insurer, and did not use the UPS insurance. Basically, if we packed and shipped an item and it was damaged (extremely rare, despite everyone’s horror stories, maybe we just did a better job than other stores), we’d fax a half-page form and proof of the item’s value and we’d usually have a check for the customer in a couple days.

        Oddly, if we didn’t pack it, it was still insured with our private insurer, but UPS would have to determine if it had been appropriately packed by the customer, but UPS was a lot more willing to approve the claims when they weren’t the ones paying out for them.

        I had this woman come in and buy our largest cube box (24x24x24) and, right in front of me, pack a computer, PS2 and an LCD monitor in this box with nearly 70 pounds of clothes and no extra support for the box (wouldn’t even let me double box it). I PROMISED her that her shit would break, there was NO doubt, I even made her sign a waiver that she ignored our packing advice. A week later it’s delivered after having burst open in some UPS facility and all her stuff is broken. Despite all that, she STILL got a $1200 check from the insurance company.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would like to add something to this, if it has not been mentioned already. USPS actually sources some of their mail with UPS. i worked at the ups hub in Ontario california, and i would always see usps mail come through my hub. mostly letters.

    on another note, during x-mas, we would constantly get packages from fed ex too. I asked how we always got some fed ex packages, and was told that the drivers sometimes accidentally picked up the wrong boxes, but ups would still deliver them.

  15. ShrikirtiHaele says:

    I’m guessing they were both supposed to ship UPS but the employee at the store put the second package with the stuff to go to fedEx… which is why it didn’t show up in UPS tracking, because it never left with them. and fedEx brought it back because it wasn’t their package.

    • Kevin5280 says:


      Except that FedEx instituted a policy a couple of years ago that they will no longer do pick-ups from UPS stores.

      • reynwrap582 says:

        @Kevin5280: Unless you have a relationship with your FedEx guy who has been picking up packages from your store for years already and is willing to add a daily pickup location to his schedule with the store owner’s name and address of the location, without it saying “UPS Store” anywhere. That’s how we continued to receive our pickups years after FedEx stopped allowing it. He delivered to our store almost daily anyway, because we had over 200 mailbox holders who we accepted FedEx for.

  16. Joe Taylor Jr. says:

    It’s amazing how inconsistent individual franchises can be. I’ve moved around the country a bit over the past few years for work, and had two GREAT UPS Stores and two totally horrible ones. One store was letting mail and packages just pile up in the back room while staff members watched TV all day. I only found this out when UPS dropped off an important package for me and I had tracking confirmation. When the clerk swore up and down that she hadn’t received it, I had to call the franchise owner on his cell phone to come down to the location and sift through the stack with me. My package was just in the middle of a mound!

    That’s about the time when I learned that many UPS Store franchisees are unhappy with the deal that UPS cuts them on shipping rates. It’s no lower than some big corporate users. So, if the franchisee can get a better deal from FedEx or USPS, they’ll use them instead.

    • reynwrap582 says:

      @Joe Taylor Jr.: Back in the day, when they were MBE and not branded by UPS, they could pretty much set their own prices. They get a good discount through UPS/FedEx and then just decide what to charge on top of that (Our store charged 100% of the shipping cost, so if it cost us $5, we charged $10). I know our store was sailing in the black for years until UPS decided to take over branding, made us toss our FedEx account (we still shipped FedEx on our owner’s account, but no discount, so shipping FedEx through us was VERY expensive), and instituted a policy where we had to charge the UPS retail rate, which was usually anywhere between 25-40% above what we had to pay UPS. So, our nice cushy 100% went down to a barely survivable 25-40%. This basically zeroed out the store’s profits entirely and it now spends almost exactly as much as it brings in.

  17. linoth says:

    The UPS Store is entirely a retail operation out for profit and nothing more. They only share a name with the United Parcel Service. The rate you pay for shipping through a UPS store or a retail store that uses UPS (I.E. Office Depot, Staples, etc) will also be higher than an actual UPS branch would charge you.

    • reynwrap582 says:

      @linoth: UPS Stores have to charge UPS Retail rates now, they can’t charge more than UPS would charge you for shipping without a discounted account. This basically wiped out the profitability of many stores, including the one I used to work for.

    • Anonymous says:

      @linoth: Actually that’s completely wrong. UPS Stores have rates that are identical to going to a UPS hub — the main difference would be insurance. Some stores charge as little as 50 cents, some as much as $2 or more. But the actual shipping rate should be the same as at a hub or online, or within a few cents of it.

      You are right that some other retail places charge more, though. They have to in order to make a profit. UPS Stores, however, have special rates with UPS and so can still make a profit by charging the regular price. That’s part of the special arrangement they have in having the UPS name.

  18. Kevin5280 says:

    I wonder if he had a used box with an old FedEx shipping label on it (that wasn’t covered up) with his address as the recipient.

    UPS tries to process, their system scans it at some point and says it’s a FedEx package, they move it over to FedEx, whose system scans the old label with him as the recipient and ships it to his address.

    If the UPS Store didn’t put a label on the second box or if it fell off at any point, then it’s going to go with whatever label is on the box.

    • HogwartsAlum says:


      It’s possible. I reuse boxes at work that have UPS labels on them. I try to peel them off, but that glue is pretty damn strong. If I can’t get it off, I black out the bar code with a Sharpie so some dumb cluck doesn’t scan the wrong thing.

  19. kepler11 says:

    I have to agree to an extent with the OP:

    UPS is a great company, but UPS Stores can be awful. Your best bet with UPS is to create labels yourself, package things yourself, and ship directly by bringing your package to your local UPS driver/truck (they’re everywhere), or dropping it off at the UPS store for free. The pricing of shipping your package if you ask a UPS store to do it for you will be higher than if you do it yourself, and you have to go back to them for any issues.

    Best avoided.

  20. Shoelace says:

    ‘All of which is a long, round about way of suggesting that you warn your readers about the UPS Store. They have a common name, but don’t let that fool you!’

    Since I’ve discovered that UPS completely sucks, I wouldn’t be fooled into thinking that a mail store with ‘UPS’ in its name wouldn’t suck. The brown color of their trucks is a good reminder.

  21. INsano says:

    I used a UPS store for the first and last time in February. I made an account online, went in, shipped a cellphone and 2 weeks later got a bill for a 14lbs. package. A cell phone does not weigh 14lbs. It weighed 2 lbs. at the most. Their CSRs suggested billing me for 1 lb. instead. I said OK and still have yet to receive a corrected bill. Won’t use them again, as much as I love free shipping…

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry. If you processed the package through the online system of UPS, there is no way that the UPS Store could have entered into the equation. They only hand it over to the driver. This package, if billed wrong, was in the domain of UPS Corporate and not a store owner.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never been happy with the service from Mailboxes Etc / UPS Store, but I’ve found UPS to be great. The easy solution is to go to ups.com, make your own shipping label, and then just drop it off at the UPS Store. I’ve never had a problem with this approach, its faster, and cheaper too.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I can’t really speak for why UPS would use Fed Ex except I know that the reverse works. I work for UPS at an airport and routinely we will receive fedex and USPS packages from the plane. When I asked why this was, I was told that it was cheaper for some reason for them to contract out UPS to ship it, then use their shipping methods.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The UPS store is a joke. Had to ship something next morning overnight and the receiver wanted me to use their UPS number. I didn’t have a waybill so I thought, “Hey! I’ll just go to the UPS store!”

    Wrong. UPS Stores cannot charge UPS accounts. Yeah. Can’t. Went to the kiosk across the street, got a waybill, came back to the UPS Store and filled it out there (no sense standing outside while filling out an envelope).

  25. Mozoltov, motherfucker says:

    I have been working for Fedex for nearly 9 years now and this is the norm. Often when you see a UPS shipment in a Fedex box and vice versa it is because the original package missed it’s flight and needed to be sent to it’s destination. More often this happens with Saturday, First Overnight, and Priority Overnight deliveries. Rarely happens with 2 day and ground freight.

    Say for example you ship a cellphone, you want it to get there tomorrow afternoon and you pay extra for it. You send it and somehow the courier (who takes it to the processing center) gets held up in traffic and your package misses it’s flight. Well rather than losing you as a customer they will either take it to Fedex or some other company and ship it with them so you get it tomorrow like you wanted it.

  26. Richard A Irwin Jr says:

    so ur telling me a ups driver will stop, throw it in a fedex dropbox and ups has a fedex account number? i dont buy it. duiring my brief tiem working in a ups processing center, it was more common for mail or fedex stuff to be tossed into our drop box by mistake, and lets just say we dident bust our ass to get it to where it belonged, as some things sat there for months it seemed

  27. geoffhazel says:

    So far I’ve had excellent results with Fedex Ground vs UPS, and they are generally a bit cheaper too.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I just had an interesting experience at fedex kinkos. I was shipping a 2 lb package and had gone online to get estimates from fed ex and from ups. fed ex’s lowest rate was $14 for the “home delivery” service and the next up was $25. UPS was comparable and since fed ex is closer, I went there. When I got to the counter, I asked the guy for the cheapest rate and he quoted $56! I told him the online estimator gave me $14 so there is no way $56 was reasonable. We went back and forth a little but he ended up shipping it for me for $25 for 3 day service. The receipt didn’t indicate any discount was given so I don’t know how he got from $56 to $25. That is some kind of racket they got going there.

  29. PsiCop says:

    The UPS stores are indeed separate from the UPS shipping company … VERY separate. They are, in fact, franchises. So when you go to a “UPS Store,” you’re dealing with a single small business person.

    A few years ago, UPS-the-shipping-company bought Mail Boxes Etc, also a franchise chain, and they have left it operating independently, ever since. Many of the former MBE franchisees also ship things via Fedex (and some even used to use DHL until that vanished from the US a few months ago).

    The quality you get from a UPS Store location, therefore, varies enormously. I’ve been to good shops, and bad ones. It really depends on the owner. There’s a UPS Store a few miles from here that we’ve always had good luck with, but others aren’t as good.

    As for the strict firewall being kept in place that separates UPS-the-shipping-company from the-UPS-Store-franchise-chain, I have no idea why it still exists or why the corporation insists on maintaining it. At the time UPS purchased the MBE chain it was expected they’d integrate their operations and create a synergy, but they never actually attempted it, and it doesn’t appear they ever will.

    A very odd business decision, but then … it’s UPS we’re talking about! … so nonsensical decisions are part of the game, I guess.

  30. Kris123 says:

    I had a similar situation where Walgreens stores are seen as completely separate entities. I was on vacation in Chicago and had a photo CD made in order to wipe off my camera and make room for others. When I put the CD in my computer I found it was blank. I tried to take it to my nearest Walgreens for a refund and they told me I had to go back to the Walgreens where I had the CD made. Ridiculous.

  31. Skin Art Squared says:

    I hate UPS. Their online tracking system is completely useless. Oh sure, you get the tracking number from the vendor alright, but you go to actually track it, and it sits on “Billing Information Received” forever. Even as it finally shows up at your door. There is never any actual tracking information in there.

    Fedex FTW. Sadly, I don’t always get to choose the carrier every time I order something.

  32. Anonymous says:

    With there being over 3500 The UPS Stores in the US alone, I’m sure there have been customers that have had complaints. That however, does not mean every The UPS Store should be included in that assumption. If this unhappy customer went to a McDonald’s or KFC (for example) and was unhappy with service he could not go to a different McDonalds or KFC and get a refund because they are individual stores. I am sure most people know this. So Alex, call The UPS Store where you shipped your package and I am sure they will be able to handle this situation for you. Kevin 5280 made an good suggestion as to the box probably had an old FED-EX label on it that Alex forgot to remove or cover up. Linoth however, is incorrect, The UPS Stores and the UPS terminals are the same price.

  33. Anonymous says:

    UPS Stores are a nightmare. Be VERY cautious. I ran into the same thing…a UPS Store screwed up, but no one would take responsibility.

    Use Fed Ex—after that horrible experience I go out of my way to avoid UPS Stores.

    They franchise out to immigrants and exploit them, the franchise in turn exploits the customers.

  34. TonyBravo says:

    i’ve worked for FedEx Ground for 6 years now,and it’s quite normal to see ups boxes,or trucks come by and drop packages off-especially around the holiday season.Last time we had a whole ups truck. haha.Might as well just ship trough fedex ground since about 30% of your packages end up with us anyway lol.