PopChips: Turning Loyal Customers Into Cult-Like Snack Food Following

If you’re wondering how to build a cult-like following for your product, take some lessons from snack company Popchips. In this case, a small amount of free stuff went a very, very long way.

Karen wrote a quick e-mail to the company about how much she liked their product, expecting at most perhaps a coupon or two.

Recently I wrote into popchips, a new brand of potato chips I had the joy of trying several months ago. It was a simple letter, just saying thanks and how much I enjoyed their product. Within hours I got a personal response from the CEO, not only thanking me for my letter, but also offering to arrange an in person meeting with their NYC marketing manager so we could discuss any ideas I might have. As someone who was hoping for a coupon, I was flabbergasted. I just got out of meeting with Whitney, the marketing manager, who presented me with a huge box full of popchips bags and graciously offered to provide snacks and supplies to a weekly pub trivia night I host. And all I did was write a fan letter To say popchips knows how to care for their customers is an understatement. I just wanted to share with the world how wonderfully happy this company has made me.

Perhaps this attention was because Karen happens to live in New York, or that was just one heck of a fan e-mail she sent. Either way, that’s how you turn happy customers into lots and lots of free publicity.

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